UCM Highlights Spring 2021

God is working on the college campus and we're thrilled to be part of it!

Last semester we saw:

  • new freshmen getting involved
  • baptisms
  • lonely students finding community
  • students committing to disciple making
  • the Gospel of Jesus shared with people from all around the world
  • students fasting & praying for God to move in powerful ways


Nia is a freshmen girl with a great smile and a huge heart even though she has struggled with physical and mental health. She has also been exposed to lots of non-Christian spiritual influences throughout her life.

But the Nia who walked into UTC at the beginning of the school year is very different than the one who ended the year. God helped her to overcome some of her struggles and find community in a Roots Group. Two student leaders in the group poured into Nia every week. They became close friends, helped her find Truth and are teaching her to obey the words of Jesus.

God is working through the UCM community and His Word to bring about big changes in Nia's life.

Nia (left) and Marianna


We've talked about Sai before. Everyone who knows him loves him. He even has his own UCM sticker...

Sai joined our Core Team last semester and he's eager to grow in his faith. He's at every UCM event, regularly attends worship at Clear Creek and sees all of the good things in his life as God's answers to prayer.

He was one of several students who helped lead our international Roots Groups. At one point he said, "It's so good that we all take turns leading this group. One day after graduation we might go back to India, China, Uganda and Brazil. We will be trained to share our faith and lead studies in those countries just like we're doing here."

YES! Praise God for the chance to share Jesus with the nations right here in Chattanooga.

Sai's birthday


August is another freshman who came around this year. She stumbled onto UCM while searching the internet, was instantly welcomed into the family, and she's been a part of the group ever since.

It's been awesome to see God quickly grow August from a visitor to a regular to a Core Team member and emerging leader. August was an all-star giving other students rides from campus, planning things and even co-leading a Roots Group last semester. She was our youngest member of Core Team and we're excited about seeing God work in her life these next few years!

August is a great example of our older students mentoring and setting the example for the younger students coming behind them.

August (left), CJ and Lisa

Roots Groups

We believe that growing as a disciple almost always happens in a small group that's centered on the Bible and focused on obedience. We started our first Roots Group a few semesters ago and this semester we multiplied to 5 groups meeting each week. Roots Groups are led by 2 or more Core Team members & are focused on Discovery Bible Study and building relationships.

UCM still has a weekly meeting where most of the students get together for a free meal, worship, etc. But the deepest conversations and real disciple making are increasingly happening through these student led groups.

Pray that God keeps multiplying these groups and that their roots keep reaching down into Him.

UCM Roots Groups

Core Team - Growing Disciple Makers

The most exciting thing about UCM these days (at least according to Dale) is our Core Team. We want the fruit of UCM's ministry to be young men and women who want to change the world for Jesus, build His Kingdom and know how to go make disciples. This is a lofty goal, but one that God can certainly handle because He's the one who commanded it. It's also a goal that students get excited about.

We first challenged students to join Core Team a few semesters ago. In that time it's grown from 4 students, to 5, and now 8 people. These people commit to growing as disciples of Jesus and learning to go make disciples. They commit to fasting, praying, leading Roots Groups and pursuing holy lifestyles. In addition, these people care for the sick on campus, encourage the rest of the group and mentor younger students.

It's an absolute joy to work alongside 8 of these people who are already building God's Kingdom. Pray for their continued growth and that they'll have opportunities to do great (and small) things for Jesus.

Our vision is to train & send out 80 disciple makers (two for every dormitory floor on UTC’s campus) to regularly serve, plant seeds of the Gospel, and start reproducing discipleship groups - then spread the movement out to the rest of the world.

Join us in praying for more students who will work in the harvest fields!