Inject Creativity Live 2nd December 2020

Welcome, welcome, to Inject Creativity Live's Chat Show and Deeper Dive Event for December 2nd, 2020.

Our special guest presenters for tonight...

Andrew On Yi Lai and Joel Aarons

Andrew On Yi Lai

Media teacher at Northern Beaches Secondary College - Freshwater Senior Campus.

He teaches on a Wednesday evening so can’t be with us live but he recently caught up with Tim.

He loves the real world application that students can achieve. Andrew has been working to push the boundaries to keep the flame going for the last 8 years to help see students achieve phenomenal outcomes.

Videos Andrew shared with us tonight were titled:

  • My Gift (Live Show)
  • Cadence (Deeper Dive Ch 3)
  • Change Not Found (Deeper Dive Ch3)
  • Zoetic Coterie (Deeper Dive Ch 6)
  • Dedicated to Rosie (Deeper Dive Ch 3)

...and now...

Joel Aarons

STEM & Media Arts Teachers at Camberwell South Primary

Joel is preaching that the days of using PowerPoint and Word being used exclusively to show off their work are gone (the word 'lazy' may have been mentioned :/ ).

He argues that Adobe Spark is an excellent entry level app that provides opportunities to create more engaging learning experiences.

Joel shared with us some videos created by his students in Spark, covering subjects as diverse as a biography of one students' father, to an active endorsement of the multiple benefits of Hawaiian Pizza!

Helpful tool - Joel's Spark Video Planner

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Erin Raethke


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