Best of 2017 Photographs by Peter Krogh

Here are some of my favorite photos from 2017. This collection includes personal images, panoramic landscapes and a handful of assignment photos. The photo above, of course, is from the total eclipse which we had the fortune to view in Columbia, South Carolina.

For the fifth year in a row, I went to SXSW. This was my fourth time speaking, and this time I shared the stage with the awesome Anna Dickson from Google and Ramesh Jain, AAAS fellow and distinguished professor of computer vision at UC Irvine. We spoke about Artificial Intelligence, it's opportunities and its limits in adding context and meaning to visual media. As you can see, we had a packed house. I've been putting much of this information into the new version of The DAM Book, currently in production.

A big highlight from this year was Maddy's graduation from the University of North Carolina.

Another highlight was our family trip to Paris, Corfu and London in celebration of our girls completing college and Alyson's recovery from her broken arm. Thanks to Jay and Nadareh for their fabulous accommodations and also t Jay for taking this nice picture of all of us.

One of my superpowers is the ability to nap just about anywhere. While suffering from jet lag, I fell asleep in a public plaza in Paris. I woke up to the Krogh and Lee family huddled around me, having a chuckle.

The Taste of Paris held at the Grand Palais was one of our favorite activities. As a family, our main hobby is tasting and critiquing food, so this was a perfect vacation activity.
In our last night in Paris, we climbed the Eiffel Tower and then had a picnic out on the lawn with the Lee family.
We flew from Paris to the Greek island of Corfu where we continued to hang out, and look for delectable food. We found this amazing place which had ocean beaches on both sides of a small isthmus. A lovely and secluded bit of paradise.
We took a trip to Oxford to meet with Alyson's cousin Geoff Nicholls who is a professor at Oxford. While we were there, a Pride parade came by, offering a beautiful color contrast with the ancient library and university buildings.
On a more prosaic note, I finally got the turbo fixed on the old TDI Jetta. Mark 1 VW not only has great mechanics, but also an awesome collection of vintage bugs and Vanagons put out to pasture in Walkersville, Md.
One of my favorite assignments this year was a Whole Foods shoot with celebrity author Joan Nathan doing some behind-the-scenes recipe testing.

In October I was invited to make a presentation at the Click! Photo Festival in Durham, NC. This was particularly gratifying because my old friend Bryce Lankard is the director of the festival, and I'm always up for being part of his schemes. In addition to the presentation, I set up a studio at the opening reception and got to make some fun photos of the VIPs. Here's one of Bryce.

In September, I did an assignment for Starbucks and Linkedin as part of a city-wide job fair. We produced 150 headshots for young people looking to start careers. They were a great group of enthusiastic young people.

For the last several years, I've donated my services to the Families Reaching out Group, which provides clothing to families adopting children. Sherry and Bill Rawls-Bryce work all year round to help throw the Abnormal Formal fundraiser. Here they are looking very good. .
And finally, a shot from my balcony in Las Vegas during Adobe Max.

Happy New Year everyone. Let's hope for a great 2018.


Most photos by Peter Krogh, except where noted. 

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