Andrew Carngie Captain of industry

Birthplace of Andrew Carnegie, Dunfermline, Scotland 1835

As a young boy Andrew Carnegie's dad was rarely around so he has to provide fro his family. He worked hard to make money

Going through the ranks of the railroad company he worked at, Carnegie eventually branched off and created his own steel company. Through hard work and persistence he earned money and became one of the richest men in America

Skibo Castle, Dornoch Firth, Scotland

This castle shows how much money Carnegie eventually made. This shows he was a captain of industry because he started out with no money and worked for all he earned. It wasn't easy for him and he made very strategic moves to earn this money. One strategy he used was lowering his prices of steel so more people would buy and he would drive his rivals out of business

Railroads, oil, and steel all are still used today in many ways and have helped the growth of America tremendously. These inventions have truly built America


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