"The Divine" Experience By Johnny Li

"The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt." College of the Arts. University of Florida, n.d. Web. 24 Jan. 2017.

The Spatial Experience:

Image of me in front of the Constans Theatre

I walked past the theater numerous times as I came to the Reitz Union but I have never actually gone inside to see it. I had no idea of the physical setting of the theater or the quality of it before coming to see The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt. I came with my friends to see the play and since good friends bring good moods, I was already in a good mood when I enter the theater. After checking in and taking my seat I noticed that size of the theater was smaller than some of the auditorium classes at the university which initially was a disappointment in play's first impression. In terms of seat locations, my friends and I were able to be seated with each other at the far right side of the theater. Because we were able to stick together, I believe it made the experience more memorable and delightful. When the lights dimmed and the audience quieted I was psyched for the upcoming start of the play.

Role of place in the Good Life-

I believe that a place is capable of influencing the journey to the Good Life. A place provides the social, environmental, and opportunities for me to learn about myself, connect others and nature, as well as show me a perspective of my world. A place can have varying significant to others but for me, a place provide the type of knowledge and experience unique to it, and with that, I determine what roads that I can take. The world contains many beautiful places to live and travel. There are places in this world that will open my mind to things I have never even imagined and thus these realities will provide fresh perspectives on the world.

The Social Experience:

Image of me exiting the Constans Theatre

To get ready for the performance I read the study guide provided to obtain a grasp of the play as well as review the dress code to ensure that I will be able to enter. I attended the performance with several friends which enhance my experience as not only was it a social bonding activity it was also an exchange of perspective and interpretation of the play. I took an interest in the play's use of puns, fallacy, and dynamic irony to create a comical relief but still also provide a sense of inception to modern plays even though the play was set in the early twentieth century. However, a friend pointed out that this play was done in lieu of thesis which must have taken lots of dedication as many can do research to a write paper but to do it to produce and take part of the play take a passion.

Role of shared experiences in the Good Life-

Shared experiences allows for the sharing of perspective besides my own as well as to present my own on the same experience. By sharing experience people can connect and understand others as well as themselves; with each view given, a clearer picture is revealed about life and human. I believe humans to be social creatures and by sharing experiences with family or friends it makes the moments in life more enjoyable by creating a fun and nostalgic atmosphere.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience:

Image of me in the lobby of the Constans Theatre

The story takes place in December 1905, Quebec City. The central issue addressed in the performance is the moral and ethical obligations that conflict with the image that society wants. This is seen in the covering the shameful child abusive events to protect the reputation and image of the church in the public's eye, even at the cost of Casgrain and Talbot victimization. I have read about issues of child labor and corruption in the church in the twentieth century but the performance presented a visual representation. By conveying the information through a play, it allows an emphasis on the emotional and ethical struggle of the issues that is absence from simply reading the text.

Relationship to something happening in my own life-

People lie and society judges, thou not constantly, and that is just human reaction. Some might lie for good reasons, others might lie for bad reasons and society judges whether it is acceptable. This might conflict with ethical and moral obligation that one's hold which also goes for me. The subject relates to my life in a sense that all the decisions I make, lies or not, will affect me along with everyone close to me. When deciding to speak, vote, and commit I must consider all the consequences of what I do as it might not hurt me but it could hurt someone else.

The Emotional Experience:

Bouchard, Mbiance Marc. "La Divine Illusion- The Divine." La Divine Illusion- The Divine. Michel Marc Bouchard, 5 July 2015. Web. 24 Jan. 2017.

Mentioned in the Talk Back, The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt expresses the issues unspoken in the open public such as corruption in the church and social oppression. The actors mention how they imagine their character's struggles and realizes that these very struggles still exists in modern times. Similarly, the play offers a realistic interpretation of the issues, none of the exaggerated or cliched examples, for the character to face which guides the characters' options, decision, and action. This results in compelling the audience to contemplate the whether the characters' option was truly for the best, for happiness, and what it means to be human.

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