Because Detail Matters

Life is all about detail.

Maybe it's the location of your next meeting, or the time of tonight's dinner reservation?

Whatever the situation, detail matters.

Why should your wardrobe be any different?

Steel & Jelly is an independent British menswear brand, founded by a father & son with over 40 years experience in the ever-evolving fashion industry.

With roots as a wholesale brand, Steel & Jelly supplied over 120 independent retailers in the UK & Ireland, before shifting to a focus on eCommerce and working with large omni-channel & multi-national retailers.

The brand name reflects the two sides of what a modern gentleman should be, strong & hardworking, yet also kind and compassionate.

The Vision

We are passionate about embracing British design, with a philosophy centred on attention to detail. This is reflected in our design process, with each piece carying a unique element of detail such as patterned trims & contrasting button threads.

We push boundaries to create a hybrid of modern & traditional style. Every item is made with the modern gentleman in mind, by threading the past through to the present with a forward-thinking eye.

The Collection

Ever-evolving collections feature all the essentials for a gentleman's wardrobe.

This includes formal tailoring, casual wear footwear and premium accessories such belts, scarves, hats, wallets, cufflinks & tie pins.

Our fits evoke modern, masculine shaping, whilst also providing every-day comfort.


We strive to provide a personal & interactive experience for our eCommerce customers & followers on social media. We create engaging content that communicates our brand identity, as well as helping our followers navigate the ever-changing world of fashion with style guides & tips.

As we have grown, we have established close relationships with leading men's fashion, style and lifestyle influencers around the world.

We have also experienced print media exposure with prestigious publications such as the London Evening Standard & GQ magazine amongst others.

Our Team

  • Design
  • Garment Tech & QC
  • Merchandising
  • eCommerce & Marketing
  • Sales
  • Logistics
  • Warehousing
  • Overseas Agents

Marketing & Digital

  • In-house team handling campaigns, photography, editing, content creation, copywriting, social media and print advertising.
  • Team managing eCommerce websites & online marketplace stores.
  • Close relationship with highly certified web development agency.
  • Working relationships with industry leading digital marketing agencies handling SEO, PPC, social media advertising and online display advertising.

Our Sales Channels

  • Optimised eCommerce website offering worldwide shipping
  • UK - Multiple independent retailers, department stores, eg. Debenhams.
  • International - Customers in mainland Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, Russia & India, such as TJX Group & Verywear
  • eCommerce Marketplaces - ASOS, Zalando, Amazon India, Flipkart
  • Close relationship with the UK government's Department of International Trade & their retail trade advisors located in major cities globally


  • Long standing working relationships with trusted manufacturers in China, India, Bangladesh, Turkey & Portugal.
  • Highly flexible - capable of handling small or large runs from 100PCS-6000PCS, with short or long lead times.
  • Manufacturers are hand picked for their high ethical standards, fully audited status and reliability.
  • Testing & inspection reports carried out to industry & country-specific standards.


Created By
Simon Bhana