Christmas in my house By: destiny williams

I consider my family to be half atheist and half Christian, we believe there's a god but we don't believe in the church, the Bible, or all of the rituals and worship. I was raised to believe that there is a god and he is all seeing and all knowing, he has love for everyone baptized or not, the reason we don't believe in the bible is because it isn't written in first person, meaning Jesus didn't write it, we just think its a bit weird that a whole book written about someone and their beliefs doesn't have a chapter written by themselves, so we don't follow it.

Now that you know a little bit of the backstory of my family's beliefs, I'll explain how we celebrate Christmas. In the days leading up we decorate the house it's usually me and my sister's job,my mum and the rest of my siblings put up and decorate the tree and then we clean the house top to bottom getting rid of things we don't need, once that's done, we do Christmas groceries, getting everything we need for Christmas dinner, the day of we spend the morning in the kitchen cooking for the rest of my family we all sit and eat together then we open gifts and finally say a thank you prayer before bed.

A few symbols you'll probably see around my house include the cross,the star, and maybe even a bible. we hang the cross up at the head of the dinner table to remind us of the sacrifices jesus made for us. we top the christmas tree with a star to symbolize the star that guided the three wise men to baby even though we don't truly follow the bible we do sometimes read a passage or two.

almost every year christmas is celebrated the same way, all or most of my family come together,usually at my house and we have a giant dinner and afterwards everyone leaves with something whether it be a gift or food.In the off years when it's not celebrated this way we all go out to dinner at a restaurant of the adults choosing.

I celebrate christmas because that's the way it's always been, christmas is a big event in the christian calendar and because we don't believe in the regular christian beliefs we don't celebrate much but christmas is always a big thing in my house,my family,especially my mum would tell me who and why we were celebrating in that sense i guess she was preparing me for it.

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