Il Sodoma Virtual Museum By Jonathan Rowen

1. Il Sodoma (Giovanni Antonio Bazzi) was born in 1477 at Vercelli, Italy.

2. Il Sodoma's life was mostly spent in Siena, Italy.

3. He was trained north of Italy in the Lombard manner. He was heavily influenced by Leonardo da Vinci and Raphael from their works. Il Sodoma was especially influenced by da Vinci which is shown in his works.

4. Giovanni traveled all over Italy other than when he was in Siena. He traveled to create more art and collect more ideas. He was the type of painter that got ideas from others and combined them into his own. He took what he knew and built off of it which is shown in his works.

5. He was a very talented fresco and panel painter. He also painted exuberant paintings of exotic animals. Some of his works are the Sant’Ansano which is a fresco, the Adoration, and the Coronation of the Virgin.

6. Il Sodoma's patrons included Agostino Chigi and Pope Leo X.

7. Scenes from the Life of Saint Benedict. Saint Benedict Completes the Construction of 12 Monasteries.

8. The name of this fresco is Scenes from the Life of Saint Benedict. Saint Benedict Completes the Construction of 12 Monasteries.

9. The fresco's creation lasted from 1505-1508.

10. The fresco can be found on the Scala Archives online as it is not in a museum.

11. This piece is so important mainly because it uses the new skill of perspective. You can see a clear vanishing point which makes the art look so much more realistic. Also, a lot of color was added to the painting so that it appears to be textured.

12. This piece shows construction being done near a mountainous area. Lots of workers can be shown laboring hard to complete a monastery. So much color is shown in this painting; lots of blues, reds, and greens can be seen. A classic working day is described here.

13. This piece uses obvious perspectivism because it uses a vanishing point with the columns narrowing in. The narrowing effect makes the painting look as if you are looking through the painting Also, it uses classicism since many arches and columns are shown. Arches and columns were commonly used in the Classic Period.

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15. Fun Fact: Although unsure, some even say that Il Sodoma was a student of da Vinci.

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