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Jay Gatsby

Hello there, my name is Jay Gatsby. I am a very ambitious, hard-working, and accomplished man. Don't let my accomplishments and prestige fool you, though, as I am a kind and loving man as well. Check out the rest of my page to get to know me better.

My Hometown

This is a picture of my hometown in rural North Dakota. I was born to a German American family, and we were dirt poor. I knew that this wasn't my destiny, I knew I wanted to be rich and do great things, and that is exactly what happened when I set out on my own when I was young.

St. Olaf College

This was where I went to college for two weeks. I dropped out because I was "dismayed at its ferocious indifference to the drums of his destiny". I then went up to Lake Superior and met copper tycoon Dan Cody, who became my mentor and allowed me to accompany him on his ten-year yacht trek. However, after he died the money he left me was taken by his mistress.

My love

This is Daisy Fay, the woman I fell in love with while I was in World War I. We were madly in love, however, we lost touch and she ended up marrying someone else. When I moved back after the war, I resided in New York City. With the time being during Prohibition, I used this to my advantage and took up bootlegging. With my vast fortune, I bought a house on the island of West Egg, directly across from my love Daisy. Over time, we grew closer and closer.

The End

However, one fateful night after coming back from a party, Daisy's husband Tom Buchanan hit his mistress with a car, and convinced her husband that I had in fact done it. Later, the man showed at my house, and shot me in my pool. This marks the tragic end to my once great life.


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