Eric K. Fanning 22nd Secretary of the Army

May 18, 2016 - Eric K. Fanning is sworn in as the 22nd Secretary of the Army
“I am committed every day to do what is necessary to support our Soldiers as individuals and as an Army, to do what is asked of them, because much is and much will be."

Secretary Fanning inspects the Soldiers of the 3rd U.S. Infantry Regiment “The Old Guard” during a full honor arrival ceremony in his honor.

May 2016 - Among his first duties in office, Secretary Fanning joined Vice President Joe Biden to watch as the next generation of leaders join the Army ranks at West Point graduation.

June 2016 - In Poland for Anakonda 16, and at countless other installations and events, Secretary Fanning rolled up his sleeves to learn about life as a Soldier, push-up competitions included.

July 2016 - Secretary Fanning got hands-on instruction on how the 25th Infantry Division's Lightning Academy, located in Hawaii, prepares students for operations in a jungle environment.

July 2016 - Secretary Fanning fires an Mk19 40mm in Malaysia during Pacific Pathways training.

“I’m constantly energized by the stories of Army Soldiers, and more fun comes when they show me what they do.”

August 2016 – Alaska

“Exercises like Arctic Anvil 16 in Alaska improve our capabilities, readiness, and interoperability in diverse environments, while sending a strong message of U.S. commitment to the region.”

September 2016 - From Bagram Airfield to Kabul, Forward Operating Base Gamberi to Kandahar, Secretary Fanning met with the Army’s Total Force—Active, Reserve, National Guard, and Civilians—as they worked alongside Afghan and NATO Resolute Support Mission partners.

September 2016 - “Fire!" Secretary Fanning pulls the lanyard on a M777 howitzer with the 3rd Cavalry Regiment outside of Kabul, Afghanistan.

Secretary Fanning met with Soldiers of “The Old Guard” who guard the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery.

"Thank you GEN Mark Milley for your leadership and vision. I couldn't have a better teammate and the U.S. Army couldn't have a better Chief of Staff."

August 2016 - Secretary Fanning pauses for a Snapchat selfie with the governor of his home state of Michigan, Governor Rick Snyder, during a visit to Camp Grayling for Exercise Northern Strike.

When it came to lunch in the field, Secretary Fanning joined Soldiers in tearing open MREs and trading for their favorite sides, or the jalapeño cheese spread.

“We must make sure our Army is so fierce that nobody wants to fight us; that if they do they lose – and that we’ve done everything possible to make sure our Soldiers come home safely,”

Secretary Fanning provided keynote remarks at the 2016 Association of the United States Army Annual Meeting

Secretary Fanning launched the Rapid Capabilities Office to improve the Army’s ability to provide Soldiers what they need when they need it, and will allow the Army to be more nimble in efforts to stay ahead of change and innovation.

As part of his effort to bring the best tech, talent and innovative processes to the Army, Secretary Fanning launched the Army Digital Service.

"Bring it on"

Secretary Fanning challenged hackers during the launch of Hack the Army bug bounty at Capital Factory in Austin, TX.

Secretary Fanning conducts the Oath of Enlistment on San Diego Padres Military Appreciation Day.

CPT Florent Groberg's Medal of Honor Ceremony at the Pentagon

“Flo exemplified each of [the Army] values. He displayed these all simultaneously in one day, in one brief, but decisive, moment in Afghanistan.”

LTC Charles Kettles receives the Medal of Honor

“It was because LTC Charles Kettles decided, not once, not two or three times, but on four separate occasions, to fly directly into enemy fire, that 44 Americans survived. Each time, he knew it would be more dangerous - yet each time, he made the same decision. LTC Kettles, you have our deepest admiration as an Army. You have our deepest appreciation as a Nation.”
“Today, when our critics say that the military is not a place for social experimentation, they may be right. But equality and inclusivity are not experiments. They are American values.”

Secretary Fanning leads the military contingent as an honorary grand marshal at the 2016 San Diego Pride Parade.

In the historic Roosevelt Room of the White House, Secretary Fanning listened to the remarkable stories of Japanese-American World War II veterans.

Space food vs. MREs? Secretary Fanning went live on Facebook with NASA Astronaut, retired U.S. Army Colonel, and West Point grad Tim Kopra to highlight the diversity of Army careers.

August 2016 - In Rio as part of President Obama’s official delegation to the Closing Ceremonies, Secretary Fanning witnessed SPC Paul Chelimo win the silver medal in the 5,000 meter. A total of 15 Army Soldiers competed in the 2016 Olympics and Paralympics, including swimming gold medalist SGT Elizabeth Marks, and pole vaulting bronze medalist 2LT Sam Kendricks, who went viral as he stopped mid run to stand at attention for the national anthem.

December 2016 - Secretary Fanning celebrates on the sidelines as Army defeated Navy 21-17 in Baltimore to snap a 14-game Navy winning streak. In the week leading up to the game, Secretary Fanning jumped in on the spirit video competition with a memorable short.

"This job offers you an unbelievable opportunity to have an impact. That's a rewarding job to have, to improve the lives of people large and small."

Look back at Secretary Fanning's tenure as Secretary of the Army on his social media channels

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