January 19, 2016 Emily Coomer

"My roommate said her philosophy class was hard, and the one I’m in is hard, too. All philosophy classes must be hard!” Two people’s experiences are, in this case, not enough on which to base a conclusion."

Four out of five dentists recommend Happy Glossy Smiley toothpaste brand. Therefore, it must be great.

People generally like to walk on the beach. Beaches have sand. Therefore, having sand floors in homes would be a great idea!

Women will be attracted to you if you wear Axe cologne or use Axe bath wash. (Axe commercial)

It is dark now, which makes it very dangerous. [It is not the dark that causes danger].


Created with images by janeb13 - "buddha giant tian tan zen 34 meters" • Hans - "tooth brushes hygiene clean" • Sean MacEntee - "Beach" • Kai Hendry - "WHITENING body wash? wtf" • O.S. Fisher - "Foggy Night"

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