My top 10 animals Hope you like this!

Meet Buttercup.

#1 Horses. Horses are my favorite animals.

Meet Sweetie

#2, Wolves. Wolves are my second favorite animal.

Meet Brownie

#3, Deer. Deer are my third favorite animal.

Meet Snowy

#4, Cats. Cats are my fourth favorite animal.

Meet Jenny

#5, donkeys. Donkeys are my fifth favorite animal.

Meet Chololate and Vinalla.

#6, Sheep/goats. Sheep/goats are my sixth favorite animals.

Meet the Goats, Oreo, and Star.

Meet Buttercup.

#7, Cows. Cows are my seventh favorite animals.

Meet Speckels

#8, Chickens. Chickens are my eighth favorite animal.

Meet Golden

#9, Goldfinches. Goldfinches are my ninth favorite animal.

Meet Red

10, Foxes. Foxes are my tenth favorite animal.


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