Wyoming By bryan ayala andrade

The Devils tower is a storied past mountain its a tourist attraction
The Western Meadowlark is one of the state animals, wyoming recognized the western meadowlark as the state bird in 1927
Castilleja linariifolia also known as the Prairie-fire "was adopted the state flower on January 31, 1917
Wyoming designated Sheridan's Green Hairstreak Butterfly (Callophrys sheridanii) as the official state butterfly in 2009.
Wyoming's state nickname is the equality state or the cowboy state.

The state motto is the equality state for wyoming

The Plains Cottonwood, (Populus deltoids occidentalis,) was adopted as Wyoming state tree on February 1, 1947.
Built between 1886 and 1890, the capitol is located in Cheyenne and contains the chambers of the Wyoming State Legislature and well as the office of the Governor of Wyoming. It was designated a U.S. National Historic Landmark during 1987.
Casper, Wyoming. Located at 5,150 feet above sea level, on the banks of the North Platte River on Wyoming's high plains, Casper is the seat of Natrona County. The town began when the tracks of the Fremont, Elkhorn & Missouri Valley Railroad arrived in June 1888, and was named for nearby Fort Casper, by then a ruin.


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Bryan Ayala Andrade


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