Create something Inspiring Part two

As I am continuing to develop this concept and evolving through the challenges I learn, I grow, and I am again inspired. Each shoot of this project I am seeing more that I can do in trying to make that epic photo. If you missed part one please follow this link - PART ONE

Most of my ideas start with me doodling

I had, from the previous shoot, known that I wanted landmark locations here in Bermuda. I started scouting the locations and began visualizing what i wanted to accomplish with the shoot. For this shoot I used my Nikon D3X with my 24mm, and the Godox AD200 flash (awesome gear by the way). Although the time of day I did the Moongate shoot was not my visualized time, but I was quite happy with the results.

Traditional Bermuda Moongate

Model for this shoot was Nicole Crumpler (awesome person), she was all in when I explained my concept and was more than willing. The traditional moongate has become an ornamental feature in Bermuda's architecture, with it's roots traced back to China and can still be seen in various locations around the island.

Bermuda Moongate - The Reefs

Eye-catching round openings often found along garden walls, moongates are made of local limestone and can be spotted gracing Bermuda's public parks, hotel grounds and private homes. Legend says that if newlyweds step through a moongate hand-in-hand, happiness will endure, which is why it's common to see newlyweds kissing or posing under these intriguing stone passageways. Newlywed or not, you're welcome to step through one of the island's dozens of moongates and make a wish.

Another doodle of my concept

At the next landmark, Fort Hamilton, Bermuda I decided the first spot was the bridge across the moat which is the entrance to the fort which overlooks the city of Hamilton. This time I used model Whitney Morphitt, who has been hugely supportive of my wild ideas and concepts. She is a great model who needs no direction and is a gem to work with.

Fort Hamilton - Bermuda

This location has some many beautiful locations within it and is one place I will be coming back to. This shoot has been a real creative process that is fueling my passion and creativity. I am ever trying to make the final images match up and compare to my vision. This keeps me focused and inspired to do better.

As I continue along this creative journey I hope that i inspire someone to be more creative. Follow me on Instagram or Facebook or visit my website www.ivanouterbridge.com

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Ivan Outerbridge


Ivan Outerbridge Photography Models- Whitney Morphitt & Nicole Crumpler

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