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World influenced in Van Gogh’s work because of his emotions, he usually painted when he was depressed or battling depression, he also drew most of his paintings when he was furious and also worked on his paintings when he moved to Paris, he got inspired when he got there, he started to use more vivid colours and experiment his technique. The people that where influential in Van Gogh’s life and paintings were Gauguin, Pissarro, Monet and Bernard. For example, Gauguin influenced in his life because they lived together (in Arles), let Van Gogh try new experiences in his drawings and when Gauguin left Arles and stoped living with Van Gogh, it influenced him and started drawing in for his memory.

Van Gogh’ style and technique started by adding colours, he wanted then to study form and movements (by drawing he produces more or less 159 watercolour painting while he was in he's career). After he started to experiment with lithography.

Years later people thought that Van Gogh’s letters where also a form of artwork because it included sketches. The he thought of starting using lighter palette of reds, yellow, greens and blues. And he began experimenting with brocken brushstorkes.

People where impressed and Van Gogh was doing an excellent job, every one liked his drawings, while time passed he was progressing a lot. When he improved a lot he painted more than 30 self portraits. He started to draw with paint thickly and to use heavier brush strokes

I am going to talk about the drawing I've just shown befor. In this drawing Van Gogh mixes dark colours with light colours. He mostly paints the background in a darker colour and then apply a lighter colour above, that's how he gets tones of colours and mixing colours that other artists can't get. So he gets that types of colours by mixing dark with light or light and light or dark and dark. The colours that he mostly uses in this painting are dark blue, black, green, light blue, orange, yellow, white, brown and some tones of grey. What I think this drawing is about is two farmers that were working going back home after a long day.

Vincent got a train alone to go in a journey north from Saint-Rémy to Paris. Van Gogh spent four days with his brother's family and then took the short train trip. He is drawing for his brother (and writes for him). The small village got wheat fields all around, and he found his subject for Road With Cupress and Stars in familiar motive like the twisting cypress trees and the illumination of the sky.

I have learnt mixing all types of colours and drawing on top of Paint, like in the paintings that we drew. Drawing in different forms, like in the picture I put before, and using different types of brushes (thin or thick) depending on what things, styles or/and techniques that he used you want to use. I have also learnt that in most of Van Gogh´s work, he used thin brushes to paint little but important details in the drawing and making his own style.

I´ve also learnt that Van Gogh´s paintings where incredible, he draw all his emotions, feelings and creativity in one drawing which made people be interested in them.

Although they were fantastic, it is extremely difficult to copy or try to draw the same drawings as him (like we are doing in class). In class I compare my work with other students and I saw and learnt that although some paintings were similar most were absolutely different when you compered one with another (talking about the subjects of the drawing). What it is similar, that makes you know that is a Van Gogh´s painting, is it´s colours and style. Van Gogh was progressing until he died and he became extremely famous.

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