New Hampshire, 1638 savannah edington

John Mason

-Born in 1586 in KIng's Lynn, Norfolk, England

-Very well educated in navigation,astronomy, cartography, mathematics, and seamanship.

-He came from a very wealthy which lead to his amazing education.


-There was no religious freedom in the area of the Purtians

-They did not tolerate any other form of religion, although colonist came from England looking for religious freedom

-The Puritans had the New Hampshire colonist under a strict monarch.

Weather and Geography

-coldest region among the three

-Low coast, hills, mountains, plateau, thick trees, rivers, rocky soil

-Although there was cold winters, there were surprisingly mild summers


-Farming was difficult for crops like wheat but corn, pumpkins, rye, squash, and beans were planted.

-Traded fish, timber, furs, ships, and livestock

-Whale oil was a very valuable resource as it could be used in lamps, for light.


Created with images by Norman B. Leventhal Map Center at the BPL - "A map of the most inhabited part of New England : containing the provinces of Massachusets Bay and New Hampshire, with the colonies of Conecticut and Rhode Island, divided into counties and townships : the whole composed from actual surveys and its situat" • Jonas B - "Mountains"

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