Step 1

Go to

Step 2

Click log in/or make a new account

Step 3

Pick which type of webpage you would like (portfolio)

Step 4

Pick the theme that fits your personality

Step 5

Make your domain name your name (if available) - add portfolio at the end if unavailable

Step 6

Get comfortable with worthing the tool bar and parts of the webpage

Step 7

Add page by clicking the pages tab and clicking the plus(+) button in the top right of the grey box

Step 8

At any point you can change your theme by clicking theme in the top bar (next to pages) then click change theme in grey box

Step 9

the tool bar under the build tab (to the left of pages in the top bar) the tool bar is the whole grey box

Whats in my tool box?

  • Insert tittles
  • Insert text
  • Add images (gallery format or slideshow)
  • Insert map
  • Contact form (incase anyone wants to contact the artist)
  • Insert button (get them to video in external source)
  • Embed video in webpage (can view without leaving webpage)

Keep in mind:


Have fun!! Make your portfolio a refection of you!!

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