France By kennedy vandusen

This map shows most of France has grassland but some areas are cropland.
Some Landmarks are the Eiffel Tower, Palace of Versailles,and Arc De Triomphe.
France is Located in Western Europe. The Atlantic Ocean is to the west of France and the Mediterranean is to the South.
French is Descended from Vulgar Latin. French is the main language in France.

The Main Religion in France is Roman Catholic. 83-88% say that they are Roman Catholic.

Some foods that the french eat are Coq au vin which is chicken braised in red wine, lardons and mushrooms, and Bœuf bourguignon which is beef stewed in red wine.
Dance- Waltz, Polka, Mazurka, Marche, Scottish, Rondeau and the Bourree.
The Head of the government is François Hollande. He took office in 2012.

Famous events- 58-51 B.C. Roman emperor Julius Caesar conquers Gaul, which is now France, In 1944 After four years, Paris is freed from German occupation.

Wars- Some of the wars that France were involved in were French Revolution, World War 1 and World War 2, and Gulf War.
People- Napoleon Bonaparte conquered most of Europe in the early 19th century. Joan of Arc was a tremendous help in the Hundred Years War.

Sports- Sports that the French do are Football, Rugby, Horse Racing, Sailing, and Cycling.

Horse Racing is a very popular in France. France is also often used as a starting point for sail races. Cycling is one of the most popular things you will see in France.

This is a cottage in France. There are Cottages, apartments, and more different kinds of housing.

Music in France. There are different kinds of music. Here are some styles of music- In the middle of the 17th century French Opera was popular. In the Romantic era it was Classical.

This is a picture of vintage french clothing. The French are known for there fashion. Paris is considered the fashion capital of the world.
Some Famous Musicians from France are David Guetta who is a DJ and record producer. Also Daft Punk is from France.
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