See Through Frogs

New Frog Species

The GMO I chose to do was the see through frog. These see through frogs were created so we could we could see the inside of the frog and observes its organs without dissecting it. For a long time they had tried to figure out what recessive gene would make them as transparent as possible. Though the first test subject was slightly yellow it was still see through even as a tadpole. This new breed of frog was bred with a Japanese brown frog called Rana japonica. They crossed black eyed and red eyed recessive frogs to create a translucent skin tone.

Take Your Stance

Masayuki Sumida, the Japanese scientist who led the team that created the see through frog, was over joyed with the results that he was able to make, however some people were not quite as enthusiastic. Sense the frog is now see through, scientists are injecting the frogs with diseases to see how they manifest. Whenever the disease is injected, they are able to track where it goes and what happens while its in a living organism. Needless to say it's cause it in uproar in the animal activist world. They are creating a frog that cannot survive in the wild, just to kill it off. On top of that, transparent frogs can only breed for one generation. If second generation see through frogs try to breed, their offspring's die. Scientists have yet to figure out why the first see through frogs never get to see their grandchildren.

On the other side of this argument, it's proving to be quite beneficial. Sense they are able to see how it acts in a living organism, they can work to provide a cure. There is no need to dissect the frog sense they can see through to where and how the diesease manifest. They're also putting illuminating dye in the frog so they can see where the diesease is at all times. In the article Transparent Frog , it states,"Professor Sumida says, “Transparent frogs will prove useful as laboratory animals because they make it easier and cheaper to observe the development and progress of cancer, the growth and aging of internal organs, and the effects of chemicals on organs.” Also there's noneed for frog dissections now because you can see through to their organs. Teachers can now have see through frogs rather than having to do a dissection lab. It also is causing the price to go down of medical research such as finding a cure for cancer. Since we can see the inside of the frog, there's no need to constantly buy new frogs or buy dissecting materials.

My Take

I will admit I'm a little bit biased. I haven't ever agree with sacrificing animals for our petty human needs and the fact that they're using my favorite animal now(frogs) makes me even more against it. I understand some things are necessary, such as eating animals for protein and iron, but I don't think its right to breed and raise animals to be our test subjects. This world is just as much ours as it is theirs, even if some of us don't realize this. Besides the fact that I don't like all of the animals they experiment on, I still wish no harm to come to any of them. I don't believe it's right to fix our problems by killing the things we share the Earth with. We're already killing the trees and atmosphere, but will we stop before we destroy everything in our world? Not only do I not support animal GMO's and lab testings on animals, I also don't support crop GMO's. Like I stated above, all we're doing is killing the world to make us "more comfortable." Besides that, they're treating the animals less Like living creatures and more like just material things that don't matter. In the quote stated above, Masayuki speaks about the frogs as if they were just a cheap little McDonalds toy that he could just replace at will rather than the fact that it's a living creature whose deaths are at his hands. Besides that, all he wants to do is make money off the frogs. He made it a patent so if you want a see through frog or to cross breed one you have to pay for it.,frogs/#.WJh3OZE8Kf0

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