Looking up Waiting for you to fall

Always remember as you approach each day that even though you may not see them, there are always people looking up waiting for you to fall. They do this because you are not afraid to climb, you are not afraid to do what no one expected you to do. And if you fall, should you fail to accomplish the goals you set out to accomplish make sure you crush one of them in the way down so that when you climb back up there will be one less pessimist watching you.

They say failure makes you strong but I don't beleive it's failure alone. What makes you strong is the reaction to failure. The way you deal with failure is what builds your character. You can wine about loosing, wine about your horrible circumstances, wine about racist, or sexist, or bad people, you can take a beating from life or get up and punch life in the dang face.

I beleive in letting life know that I'm not a victim to that which I can not change but a surfer riding the wave of that which will change me. You must be better than you where yesterday. You must stay the course to spite how rough it may get. Ignore frustration and bend with it. Life is too short to give up and in 10 years after your gone your memory will be but light whispers in the wind.

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