William Shakespeare Who is he?

Question 1

Watch the video above. When finished, record what you learned about William Shakespeare's upbringing and schooling.

Question 2

Click on the link above. Navigate to the section titled "Marriage and the Lost Years". After reading, record the information did you learn about Shakespeare's marriage and children

Question 3

Click on the link above. Read through the sections from the years 1592-1603. After reading, detail Shakespeare's rise to playwright fame. What major events are worth noting in his playwright career?

Question 4

Click on the link above. How many plays did Shakespeare write? What three types of plays did he pen? How many poems did he write? How many words were first used in Will's writing?

Question 5

Use the information from the above link to answer the following questions. What is blank verse? What are some notable features of blank verse? What is the function of blank verse? (Why would anyone use it?!)

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