Transgender and Intersex. By Alex Corebett, Darlene downs, and kara marsh.

Transgender is when someone feels the opposite of their birth sex. Transgender also means that a girl is born with a penis, and a man is born with a vagina.

There are stereotypes of Transgendered people. One being that Transgenders are confused about their genders. This is wrong because they know that they are trans, and how would we know if they're confused. Another being that all transgenders are gay. Sexual orientation does not depend on the gender of the person. The third being that you can tell who's transgender. Their bodies are just like ours, and you can't tell someone is transgender just by looking at their faces.

Chaz Bono is a actor, musician, an advocate, and a transgender.
This is Jazz Jennings, an actor and LGBTQI activist.

41% of Transgenders have attempted suicide, while gays and lesbians are between 10% and 20%. 15,500 Transgenders are in the military. 32% of Transgenders were assigned as male, while 5.5% of them were assigned females. 19% of Transgenders have experienced abuse from family members.

Transgenders are no different from males and females. They are people too and have feelings. Though they may seem different, their minds work the same as ours.

Intersex means that both male and female genitalia are on the body. After the intersex person is born their parents usually determine their gender, or which genital they have to cut off.

Tony Briffa. The first mayor to be intersex
Holly Greenberry, (right), founder of

Worldwide, 1.7% of the population is Intersex. 1 in 1500 to 1 to 2000 births are Intersex. Over 90% of Intersex children are assigned to be female. Many intersex adults are 3 times more likely to have depression and anger than people with a clear gender assignment.

How does Intersex happen? This usually happens because of a hormone condition. This condition causes female fetuses to have a male like appearance. The clitoris of the female is instead a penis, and the vulva (lips) of the vagina is a scrotum.

Intersex people are no different from those who are one gender. Intersex animals are born just like intersex people are. It's a natural thing that happens sometimes, and it doesn't mean there's anything wrong with intersex people. They are completely healthy and do not need to be fixed because they are not broken.

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