The shadow of a girl By alexandra Salagean

She doesn't like the suffering and the problems of the world,says the sad dollar bill. The violin says she is waiting for the day when her strings will be fixed,so that she can play her heart out.

The mask says she hides her feelings,but the candle argues, by saying she can be ignited with a simple spark of courage.

The basket of laundry says her burdens are too heavy too heavy to be carried. The jar says it holds her dreams, which sadly turn into tears and sorrow with the passage of time.

The pizza says she can be fun and cheesy,but can turn cold and hard after a while. The stacked dishes say her problems stack on top of each other everyday.

The little hats with the pompous say she is simple,but a few parts of her are fun.

The grey sneakers say she will be nothing without her best friend,so they always stick together.

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