Bo Bartlett By: EVIE ROSSEEL

Bo Bartlett is an American realist painter. He was born December 29th, 1955 in Columbus, Georgia. At 19, he moved to Florence, Italy to study under Ben Long. In 1975, he moved back to the states and studied at the University of Arts in Pennsylvania. During this time he apprenticed under Nelson Shanks. In 1986, he received a certificate in film making from NYU. He is best known for his realistic oil painting. His influences are Andrew Wyeth, Thomas Eakins, Edward Hopper. Some techniques he uses in his art are: realism, a holistic approach, and etc.

Just A few of his Oil paintings:

"Young Life", "Au Temps", "Leaving Eden" (Names go left to right)

YOUNG LIFE: Bartlett's use of realism adds emotional effects to the painting. The cold stares add dynamic to the image. The contrasting colors help bolden pieces and draw the eye. The line on the outside of the truck is used as a leading line to help bring your eye from one element to the other.

AU TEMPS: The painting holds lots of momvement. The amount of seperate parts help the eye move through the crowd. The busy atmosphere gives the negative space around the truck less of a negative effect. The white cloth people are holding help move the eye as well as the lines within the wood on the truck.

LEAVING EDEN: The simplistic nature of this piece creates a calm mood. The facial features draw the eye immediately. The neutral tones running through the piece help give the bright white of the boat and dress stand out. The rim on the boat also create a leading line in the piece. The texture on the water helps give movement to the image.

An interview with Bo Bartlett

The 2 photos I will be remixing:

"Recent" and "The Light Years"

RECENT: The painting depicts a band on a small boat at sunset going across a large body of water. The reuse of the stark white and black help create uniformity between the band members. The angles the models help create a realistic view. The sky fades in color all the way to the ocean and the color of the sea all help emphasis the realism. As well as the texture on the water and the hair give the look of movement.

THE LIGHT YEARS: The piece depicts 2 women slow dancing while a man is squating and looking into the distance. There is texture on the 2 women's clothes as well as on their hair. The man has his shirt stuck to his back also creating movement. The colors are bright but in a sunset type of way. The way the arms are being held forms a slight leading line as well as the end of the sand also creating another leading line.

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