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1 Founder/Creator/Main Deity

Siddhartha the founder/creator of Buddhism

Some well-known Buddhist deities are Amitabha, Chenrezi, and Tara who is called upon particularly in times of distress.

2 Beliefs

the beliefs of Buddhism the four noble truths 1. truth of suffering 2. the truth of the cause of suffering 3. the truth of the end of suffering 4. the truth of the path that leads to the end of suffering.

The three trainings or practices 1. Sila- Virtue, good conduct, and morality 2. Samadhi- Concentration, meditation, and mental development 3. Prajna- Discernment, insight, wisdom, and enlightenment

The Five Precepts do not kill, steal, lie misuse sex, and consume alcohol or other drugs.

A main belief of Buddhism is reincarnation (the concept of being reborn after dying)

3 Important Texts

The important texts of Buddhism is the Tripitaka (Pali Canon), Mahayana Sutras, Tibetan Book of the Dead, Sanskrit Canon, Tantric Text, and are major Buddhist texts. these Buddhist texts are used to incorporate the teachings of his pupils.

4 Influence/Spread/Impact

Buddhist has an attitude of peace and mindfulness. They care for all living creatures which have become the concern of many groups in the West. Buddhist believe that all things should be looked after: the earth, plants, birds, insects and animals.

Buddhism is a way to inner peace. An impact that give people a better way of living. A way to make people care for all living things no matter what it is.

Buddhism spread to a lot of different places it started in northern India and spread to and across Australia, New Zealand, Europe, North and South America.

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