Project I: Storyboard CIM 251. Jesus grisanti

Jay is staring at something. His wife calls him. Shot: close-up. .
Jay sees his brother. He gets up and puts the picture down Shot: wide shot or over the shoulder.
Rack focus. We see the picture. then we hear jay and his brother hugging. Shot: insert.
We see them hugging. Then Jay tells them to excuse him for a second. Shot: Medium.
He starts to walk toward his bedroom. Shot: wide shot.
We see him opening the door and getting inside the room. Shot: insert.
He sits. He is anxious and gets his cell phone out. Shot: wide shot and then dolly zoom.
He tries to call Fitz, no luck. He puts the phone down and starts to get up. Shot: over the shoulder.
He gets up, very anxious. A thought comes to his mind. He rushes toward his nightstand. Shot: wide or American shot.
Finds nothing. Rushes to the closet. Shot: medium shot or over the shoulder.
He finds a box. Shot: low angle shot.
He pulls the box out and finds a letter from his friend Ryan Fitzpatrick. His wife calls him. Shot: over the shoulder.
He takes out the letter and closes the box. Shot: medium shot.
He puts the box back in its place. Shot: over the shoulder.
He goes back. Shot: wide shot.
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Jesus Grisanti

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