Finding Your Voice Laine smith

I have always prided myself on being an above average writer. I think that since I am a rule follower, it is easy for me to piece together the typical essay and fill in the gaps. I find comfort within rules, and I like boundaries and directions. This, however, did not encourage me to find my voice, or in other words, create my own style when writing. It always ended up being the typical five paragraph essay, with no pazzaz or spunk. When I look back on the pieces that I truly loved writing or the ones that I had fun creating, they were poems.So here we go...

Check the boxes,

One by one.

Have I completed all the requirements?

Is there anything left to be done?

“Good job”

Nothing special. Nothing to brag about.

No, frankly, I do not care about the Odyssey

So please don’t make me write another paper, or two, or three.

As the years go by, the page length gets longer.

The word count increases, filling the void with more fluff.

Why do we keep writing the same thing over and over,

Except this time, it was on a book and last time it was on a poem.

The light appears at the end of the tunnel,

“be creative, show expression, no I do not want a five-paragraph essay.”


A natural therapy for the soul.

Oh so many options, how will I chose,

Go with the one you’ve least used.

A website?

Sure I’ll give it a go,

Now I can’t stop, who can I show.

I can see the information on the page,

Reading it is not conjuring sleep waves.

There is beauty in structure and formality,

when Writing a research paper, how else could it be.

But when those walls are broken,

Shattered and tested.

That is when the voice appears,

With color, vision, clarity

Showing no fear.

Now I am here.


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