First Look a new character, a new world...

So, what's the title of our new film going to be?! We're still figuring that out! Right now, we have an exciting new script by Julian Pham and co-writer Joshua Williams. We've got a few more drafts to go before it's perfect, but we're already starting to build and imagine the world of the main character, JEAN.

Last week, we went out and took these test shots of JEAN, played by Marica Petrey...

Photo by: Mogli Maureal

And here are a few of the power-house Radix players on board:

  • Director: Julian Pham
  • Writers: Julian Pham and Joshua Williams
  • Producer, Actor: Marica Petrey
  • Costume Designer: Maren Era
  • Sound and Music Producer: Mogli Maureal

More cast, crew, and images coming soon...

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