Arrogance story of a NARCISSISTIC man and how he ruins his marriage and controls the town

This quote said by Jody... "Folkses, de sun is goin’ down. De Sun-maker brings it up in de mornin’, and de Sun-maker sends it tuh bed at night. Us poor weak humans can’t do nothin’ tuh hurry it up nor to slow it down. All we can do, if we want any light after de settin’ or befo’ de risin’, is tuh make some light ourselves. So dat’s how come lamps was made. Dis evenin’ we’se all assembled heah tuh light uh lamp."( chapter 5 page 119 ) This quote is showing that Jody thinks that the town of eatonville isn't good enough as it is for him and he needs to go and take control so he can make it something he wants and be in charge. This will take away attention from Janie and Jody's marriage and make it worse then is already probable.

This quote in chapter five spoken by Jody... "Ah told you in de very first beginnin’ dat Ah aimed tuh be uh big voice. You oughta be glad, ‘cause dat makes uh big woman outa you." ( chapter 5, page 126) shows that he thinks very highly of himself and from the chapter you can tell hes thinking about himself when he wants to accomplish all these things, he isn't seeing Janie as a partner he sees her as someone below him that he can tell what to do. This big voice hes talking about includes telling Janie what she can and cant do, and over powers Janie's.

This second quote from Jody speaking directly to Janie... "I god, Ah don’t see how come yuh can’t [run the store]. ‘Tain’t nothin’ atall tuh hinder yuh if yuh got uh thimble full uh sense. You got tuh. Ah got too much else on mah hands as Mayor. Dis town needs some light right now." (chapter 5 page 111) shows that Jody is so caught up with his interests in being mayor and his ego that he isn't paying any attention to Janie's needs in their marriage.

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