Scotland Loch ness: 0100 hours

The surgeons photograph is being used

• Multiple christian schools are saying that the loch ness monster is real.

A private school in Louisiana is claiming the loch ness monster is real in an effort to disprove evolution.

A aperture photographer caught a convincing photo of what appears to be Nessie.

It is what appears to be tires

However the ripples make it appear as if it was the real deal

It could still be a hoax however

The loch ness monster is a shy beast roaming loch ness of Scotland.

It only appears for shaky handed photographers.

The latest “sighting” was in 2012.

Is this finally proof that Nessie exists? Seven new unexplained images of SOMETHING floating in Loch Ness emerged in 2016

One of the pictures had a dark shape swimming

Another won the contest locals were having with a whooping 1000 euros.

Has Google found the Loch Ness Monster?

They took around one of the google maps cameras

Attached it to a boat for the overview shots

And had a diver carry one for underwater shots

They didn't find anything sadly.

100000 searches for nessie are done each year

The hoax was later disproved in 1975

The modern day loch ness theory was started in 1933 with a hoax photograph

It showed a serpent's head rising out of the water

It was later proven to be a toy submarine

A man on his deathbed confessed to it being a hoax

In conclusion, I believe nessie exists as there are many theories surrounding it and that it has many photographs of something in loch ness. Seeing as there is very little life in loch ness, it could only be the loch ness monster

Created By
Nathan Merzlicker


Created with images by Kyknoord - "Loch Ness Monster - the early years" • Shadowgate - "Loch Ness Monster Visitor Centre 01" • Kyknoord - "Loch Ness Monster - the early years" • Michel Curi - "Loch Ness" • Michel Curi - "Loch Ness Monster Sighting!"

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