Minutes 4/3/17 Secretary, Kara DOnovan

  • Invocation given by Senator Brock
  • Pledge of allegiance
  • Roll call by Secretary Donovan
  • Senators Bolick, DuBro, Hines, Reinker, and Ruday were absent

Presentation, Saavon Smalls

  • Chief Editor of The Tiger
  • Goals for the year: focus on outlook and topics relating more directly to students, recruitment retention, more engaged with students & audiences
  • Task for CUSG: focus on diversity and inclusion

Presentation, President Emeritus Barker

  • IK: What would you say to someone graduating from Clemson?
  • JB: First congratulations, and take whatever Clemson is with you and make it yours. It's a continuation more so than a transition
  • BS: Thoughts on an honor statement?
  • JB: Process is vital, a terrific idea but up to the students what it should include. Make it unique like Clemson
  • PG: How do you see the future of Clemson?
  • JB: Extremely positive. An important question is how big should Clemson be? Have to maintain slow growth and find the point where Clemson isn't Clemson anymore
  • KS: Move to exhaust speaker's list
  • AM: What has been the greatest challenge?
  • JB: When tradition sometimes overpowers change
  • BD: Why did you decide to become a professor after?
  • JB: I feel like I really am a teacher, and knew I wanted to end my career in that way

Academic Affairs, Shreya Shankar

  • Chair Transition Complete
  • Why you should join Academic Affairs
  • Past Projects: Drop-in Research Spotlight, RA Compensation Project, Major/Minor Fair, Career Center Webpage, Open Access Resources, “Your Voice”
  • Best committee ever. We’re going to become a family.
  • Committee members to be assigned soon!!!!
  • Projects:
  • TA of the Semester
  • Extending hours in the dining halls for study purposes
  • Lunch with a professor
  • TA Fairness
  • Expanding and Clarifying Undergraduate Research Opportunities
  • Any ideas you have!!!
  • Contact Information:
  • (843)-260-4372
  • shanka2@g.clemson.edu
  • Living Quarters: Core Campus Building C, room 552B
  • Twitter/Insta: @ShreyaTheSlaya
  • Snapchat: @ssrocks

Athletics, Josh Hutchinson

  • Updates
  • Planning to meet with Athletics Admin about ticketing proposal
  • Projects
  • Ticketing policy proposal
  • Ideas for AA
  • Text or Call me anytime
  • Contact Info
  • Josh Hutchinson | 803-727-3854 | jhutch4@g.clemson.edu

Campus Life, Jacob Livingston

  • Updates this week
  • Fully transitioned with Robert Lee and then beat him in trivia in the Pursuit
  • Beginning to plan for OCHF (location and date)
  • Meeting with Kathy Hobgood, Amanda Finch, and other key administrators within the next week
  • Meeting with potential committee members this week, would love to chat with anyone who wants to talk Campus Life
  • Happy Pride Week! Go to an event if you can. Or two. Or ten. Or at least the drag show. But definitely the drag show.
  • “Friends are people who know you really well and like you anyway.” jwlivin@clemson.edu | (843) 855-2516 | SC: @jacobsayshi | Twitter/Insta: @jacob_livvy
  • Committee Member Updates
  • Coming soon next week (!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!)

Finance & Procedures, Miller Hoffman

  • Legislation:
  • 1 Cabinet Appointment bill
  • 2 Non-operational funding
  • 1 Operational funding
  • 1 Emergency funding
  • Activity:
  • Continuing to work on Cabinet appointments (you'll see next Monday)
  • Consider F&P!
  • We handle:
  • Cabinet appointments
  • Amendments to the bylaws
  • Work closely with funding board and student orgs
  • As well as so much more!
  • Please contact me with any questions or conversation (803) 412-5983 mhoffm5@gmail.com

Health & Human Services, Madison Gregoris

  • Health and Human Services
  • Updates:
  • Meeting with the brilliant and incredible Ms. Jessica Schnorr to finish transitioning HHS chair
  • PLEASE (!!!) come talk to me if you think you might want to join the Hottest Hellraisers in Senate
  • It's Pride Week - events are going on all week, flyer is on the bottom of my report
  • Come with me to the drag show
  • Chance the Rapper donated another $1 million to Chicago Public Schools this week, if you wanna talk about this or anything else:
  • 3155592066, mjgrego@g.clemson.edu, SC: @madisonj315
  • HHS Projects:
  • Women’s health
  • Mental health
  • Alcohol awareness and safety
  • Inclusivity
  • Sexual health
  • Sustainable efforts
  • Anything you're passionate about

Transportation & Facilities, Patrick Gorospe

  • Contact info:
  • pgorosp@g.clemson.edu
  • Fb: /heyitsmepatg
  • Twitter/Insta: @heyitsmepatg
  • LinkedIn: /in/patrickgorospe

University Services, Mikey Summers

  • Contact Info:
  • Phone: (864)328-7441
  • Email: mrsumme@clemson.edu
  • Facebook
  • Insta revival in progress
  • New Senators
  • US is an incubator for innovation on campus
  • Allocates $500,000 each year toward student lead projects
  • Incubator for incredible projects on campus
  • Currently looking for interested senators
  • Develop closer ties to DEN, Spiro Institute for Entrepreneurship, and Innovation Campuses
  • CI Student Advisory Board
  • Opportunity to improve undergraduate research, a true distinguishing characteristic of clemson!
  • NIMS
  • Most unique and groundbreaking project currently on campus.
  • Flexible tinkering and collaboration space
  • We The Tigers
  • PawPoints in Death Valley
  • Panera Bread on Campus

Clerk, Jack Council

  • Professionalism
  • Questions
  • Spring Retreat
  • Contact info:
  • (704)-488-3242
  • jcounci@g.clemson.edu
  • Snapchat: @jack_council
  • Insta: @jackcouncil

Secretary, Kara Donovan

  • Committee survey
  • Please fill out tonight or tomorrow so I can do the committees as soon as possible
  • Reminder to let me know ahead of time if you will be missing Senate or a Senate-related event
  • Taking care of card access
  • Contact info:
  • (410)-220-7220
  • donova3@g.clemson.edu
  • Insta: @kara710
  • Twitter: @kdon710

Pro Temp, Steven Patrick

  • Spring retreat
  • Sunday April 9th; 2017 2:00pm-5:00pm; outdoor lab
  • Do the google form
  • Share the mileage and carpool plz
  • Consider Driving

President, Leland Dunwoodie

  • Shoutouts: Jay Sridharan, Jack Council, Miller Hoffman
  • Updates:
  • Beau Schelble
  • Social media + Transparency
  • Contact Download
  • Steering Action Steps:
  • Professionalism + Welcoming
  • Leland Dunwoodie | 269-759-4768 | ldunwoo@g.clemson.edu | @lelanddunwoodie

Vice President, Jaren Stewart

  • Contact info:
  • (858)-500-6354
  • jarens@g.clemson.edu
  • Snapchat: jaren.j
  • Insta: @unclej

New Business

Senate Bill 1

  • Purpose: To approve the following appointments to the 2017-2018 President’s Cabinet
  • Author: Miller Hoffman
  • Sponsors: Killian McDonald & Emma Hume
  • MR: Experience of Nikhil?
  • EH: Treasurer of 2 organizations, experience in bookkeeping
  • PG: Executive secretary?
  • MH: Finance director is a permanent position and a time-urgent appointment
  • EH: Role of executive secretary will fall under finance director
  • MG: Distinction between finance director and treasurer?
  • EH: Finance director is more internal within CUSG, while treasurer deals with funding board & is more external
  • CJ: Describe role of funding board?
  • MH: Responsible for allocating student activity fee
  • EH: Funding board allocates, Senate approves
  • BD: Move to suspend rules and send this bill into 2nd read
  • MR: Objection- want to ask another question
  • Still in first read
  • MR: Why was someone with more experience not chosen
  • EH: Not just the interview, got opinions from many people, and Connor has the most experience running funding board and has been at every meeting
  • TM: Move to suspend rules and send this bill into 2nd read
  • CJ: Con- call to question
  • Authors waive last rights
  • Bill passes

Senate Bill 2

  • Purpose: To approve the recommended non-operational appropriations
  • Author: Miller Hoffman
  • PS: What are clubs spending money on?
  • MH: Certain things can & can't be funded, various restrictions such as hotel and gas, can't spend money on anything other than what is approved, on a receipt basis to get reimbursed
  • JS: Point of information- is it not true that everyone can go to funding board
  • JL: Clarify where money comes from?
  • MH: Student activity fee
  • MR: Cut for Flying Tigers?
  • MH: We see them a lot and are trying to get them to be more self-funded, a large portion of request was for new polo shirts & patches
  • PG: Are the budget sheets public?
  • MH: Intend to make them public but have not done so yet, feel free to come to funding board on Wednesday nights
  • PG: Limit for hotel rates?
  • MH: Limit of $40 a night regardless of what hotel or where, requires organization to do some fundraising or find other sources of funding
  • JH: Move to send this bill back to F&P

Senate Bill 3

  • Purpose: To approve the recommended operational appropriations
  • Author: Miller Hoffman
  • IK: What is CU Smile?
  • MH: Their goal is to do random acts of kindness on campus
  • CJ: Move to send this bill back to F&P

Senate Bill 4

  • Purpose: To approve the recommended non-operational appropriations
  • Author: Miller Hoffman
  • PS: Move to send this bill back to F&P
  • JL: Objection- friendly amendment
  • Still in first read
  • MPS: Friendly amendment to change 2016/2017 to 2017/2018
  • Author accepts
  • PS: Move to send this bill back to F&P

Senate Bill 5

  • Purpose: To approve the recommended emergency appropriations
  • Author: Miller Hoffman
  • MP: Why weren't they fully funded?
  • MH: Only 1 member is going, and hotel adjustment
  • LU: Move to send this bill into 2nd read
  • JS: Objection- friendly amendment
  • Still in first read
  • JS: Friendly amendment to change 2016/2017 to 2017/2018
  • Author accepts
  • LU: Move to send this bill into 2nd read
  • PT: Con- move to call this bill to question
  • Waive last rights
  • Bill passes


  • MS: Check out the food summit
  • TM: my.Clemson app looking for interns, check on Clemson Joblink
  • PG: Drag show this Saturday
  • BS: AXO philanthropy concert April 12th
  • EH: Card access coming this week
  • MS: Let me know if you're interested in ITSAB
  • JS: CU SAGA proceeds night at Chipotle on Thursday
  • JC: Gospel choir concert April 9, gospel@g.clemson.edu
  • CM: Going to work to make funding board more transparent & accessible
  • JL: International festival this Sunday right before Spring retreat
  • JS: 50th anniversary rugby game this Saturday at 11am against Dartmouth

CS: move to adjourn

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