Medium of the Art/Technique of the Artist

A piece of work that caught my attention was this piece of cloth, known in Africa as "bazin", which is made predominately by women. Looking at it in a picture, it just looks like a 2D picture or painting, but after seeing it in person, I noticed the specific hand-dyed colors in the cotton material, and learned about the history behind this kind of textile. The intricate, detailed patterns and beautiful colors stuck out to me the most and after reading that they were hand-dyed and hand-thread, I was able to fully appreciate the artwork. The intricacy and hard work behind this piece of cotton cloth made me feel a sense of pride, as it was something that’s specifically made by women and I’m a woman. It also made me feel proud to be a woman because in an agricultural society, woman usually participate in solely the social work, but this is a physical project of importance.

Design of the Museum

Throughout the entire museum, I noticed that almost every wall was bland and white. When I saw this bright blue wall with a painting of Frida Kahlo on it, it caught my attention right away. Since Frida Kahlo is notorious for flashy colors and flamboyant fashion, this type of exhibit is perfect to portray her in. There was also an intense, direct light on Frida’s face which drew great attention to her serene expression and gives her beauty the attention it deserves.

Art and Core Values

As a born and raised New Yorker, this painting of Manhattan caught my eye right away. New York City is a city that’s all too familiar to me and I take for granted how close I live to one of the greatest cities in the world. Living in Gainesville, Florida, which to me is the middle of nowhere, has made me miss and appreciate home more than ever before. This painting really instilled both happiness and desire into me as it made me miss home, and desire to go back. Seeing little bits of home makes me happy though and has helped me to realize how fortunate I was to grow up where I did and experience all that I’ve been exposed to by living right outside the big apple.

Art and the Good Life

This advertisement on how much more money men make than women depicts an important Good Life theme to me. In order to attain the Good Life, equality between the sexes is very important to society as a whole. As a woman, I especially want to fight for equality of the sexes and help/protect woman in the workforce. This picture helped me see a very common injustice and inspired my thoughts on the topic. I’m not overly feminist, but this picture provoked something inside of me that noticed how unfair this statement is. Living in the 21st century, women are just as common in the workforce as men and should be treated as so!

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