The Three Bodies Performance

The Three Bodies

Directed by Trinity Daudenthun

Poetry and Dance by Ekiwah Belendez

Dance by Maria Jose Perez Castro

Musical Design and Projection by Daniel Woolley


The Three Bodies performance, inspired from the poetry and life of Ekiwah Belendez, combines Dance, Poetry and Visual projection.

A story of the souls journey through lives, shaping oneself from the past towards the courage and beauty needed to free the obstacles of life.

Reflected from an individual story, its message touches the shore of the intimate human experience.

"You have to become the fabric of that dream, through who you are and your experience, in this lifetime and others, where past, present and future merge in one" Trinity

"Disability is a story. A story that has often been told in terms of pity, heroism, bravery or compassion. And yet – beyond these trite narratives there is a deeper story. A story about the mystery that any life condition brings. The three bodies makes poetry dance. And gives the dance speech." Ekiwah Adler Belendez

"I like people meeting their worlds, and their worlds meeting them." Trinity

The Team

Trinity (French) International artist and creator in Performing Arts. Singer, dancer, writer, painter and performing arts Director and Coach. My training has included Butoh dance, contempory dance, theater school, voice training and a diploma in ‘Creative Free Expression’. I have performed, taught and choreographed in various cultures throughout the world. These have included Bharat Nivas Auditorium (Auroville,India), "The Young Ether" (Montreal,Canada), Theater de L'acte 2 (France), Dorrigo Theater (Australia),the Krishnamurti School, (Ojai,USA)Oximoron Arts and Disability Festival (Queretaro, Mexico). My artistic research focuses upon allowing the essence of the individual to emerge and bring it towards an experience of transcendance, through a diversity of artistic forms. My company in formation, Legacy: a Platform of PerformingArts is designed to bring together different artists and artistic modalities, to create performances.

Born September 14, 1987, Ekiwah Adler-Beléndez from Amatlan, Mexico. The son of a North American father and a Mexican mother. His journey with poetry began early. At the age of three he recited spontaneous verses to the mountains and at twelve he published his first collection of poetry. His work has been published in diverse poetry magazines and journals in the U.S. He has given numerous talks, readings and workshops at colleges, high schools and festivals both in Mexico and the United States. Including The Dodge Poetry Festival, The Poetry Therapy Conference, Mythic Journeys and Writing the Medical Experience. He has had the pleasure of reading with the poets Li-young Lee, Coleman Barks, Franz Wright, and Mary Oliver. His latest work, Love on Wheels, deals with coming to grips with the richness and complexities of life in a wheelchair, taking into account its symbolic connotations as well. It also explores the relationship between poetry, disability and sexuality. Ekiwah offers poetry workshops for people with and without a physical disability.

Maria Jose Perez Castro, Performance artist and Somatic Movement Educator certified by the Body Mind Movement School. I graduated from Universidad de las Américas-Puebla majoring in dance. My artistic research focuses on body language, butoh and somatic practices and principles. I am a member of the Laboratorio Somático Escénico (Mx) where I give collaborative art workshops. I am Butoh dancer in the Colectivo Butoyolotl (Mx) that has performed in Faro de Oriente, Los Talleres Coyoacan and the UNAM. I explore video, painting and dance with the Colectivo Escaldrafa (Mx-Fr). I give workshops of Somatic Dance and Body Awareness. I create dances and socio-environmental projects where I explore resonances between our bodies and landscapes.

Daniel Woolley (U.K.) Percussionist and Native American flute player and maker, specializing in Improvisation. Trained in a variety of percussion. Assistant to Trinity, we have formed an artistic partnership since 6 years, acting as muscian, designing musical landscapes and technical support for performances and happenings. These have included Bharat Nivas Auditorium(Auroville,India), Oximoron Arts and Disability Festival (Queretaro,Mexico).


"It fills me with joy to know we are destined to share our hearts. This contemporary dance piece was dazzling. A mix of literature and dance. Trinity and her team gave us a show that is filled with energy and passion." Gigi, Cultural Director, Queretaro

"I was deeply moved; it seemed to me that I was watching not the remarkable artistry of two "differently abled" people, but my own self, my own life. This is a work of art - raw, true, totally present. I cannot recommend these artists highly enough." Christopher Hirscmann Brandt, Actor Manager of Medicine Show Theater, New York

"I could really see myself in the performance, the piece was not about disability; it was about the joys, struggles and sadness that we all have to made me reflect deeply about my life" Carlos Romero

"The Three Bodies is a potent dance...when I hired all of you I had very high expectations, and you surpassed them. It meant so much that you were here..." Miguel Angel Herrera, Director of the Oximoron Art and Disability Festival, Queretaro

Reflections of the Artists

"Choreographers and directors tend to focus on action, quality of movement, symbols, concepts or emotions. What makes Trinity's work unique is her ability to focus on the essence. The essence of our own identities and the essence of what each piece transmits. That essence is more than emotion, technique or biography. It floats between worlds and resembles the winged energy of delight. Sheer poetry." Ekiwah

"I feel honored to give the Art in me to this creation. Observing the choreography in motion, there are those moments when from seeming nothingness appears a sense, like the seeds of Trinity's direction suddenly surface at unexpected moments and an unseen influence takes hold of the entire space............ I understand music, feel its hidden language, its capacity to create landscapes, like it speaks a language we are yet to talk. I love the alchemy and precision when a sound or piece finds its place, I have the sensation of arriving at home, in the Art." Daniel

Performance filmed by Eduardo V Rios and Tona Osher

Trinity Daudenthun
Ekiwah Adler Belendez: Tel: 739 395 1893 website:
Maria Jose Perez
Created By
Trinity Daudenthun

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