Child labor

The child labor is the peoples he work for the old people they have to work for the old people .

Child labor in the varied they were a person like that make for that and more .

Child labor has been like for million year that they think the little boys 

They need to work for to saved there life and little children are working for eating food and about 8.3million little kids are working for a living

The cold labor bad idea from the people and like that 4,200 are died from the working in the Needles and they just wish it cough and that be bad for them .

Child labor is not no more in a law in USD because people work for white people and that how people thought that they can make little kids work for them I like that they can get all the easy work

Older people thought that Luke it was fine to work for them I like that I have a living and money for a poor food I like that one 1800 and 1700 our workers are working for other people.

Likely people thought It was easy to make little people work but little kids that they can work any mostly taking like to get a big dead people didn't get really like a a take care of other things that's why USA the politics now to get of and that's how we got back or our safety

The people are making I lie they have more work
Kids that are working for a building 

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