Midterm Portfolio By: Aubree Channels

My Photography Adventure


Describe/Evaluate: This piece was a recreation of one of the Turkish art director and visual artist Hüseyin Sahin. In his photo was a train track coming out of the screen of a cell phone. Inspired I decided to go a more simplistic way and have a flower popping out of my phone. I also added the sunset in the background to piece the image together even more.

Analyze: I chose to do this piece the way I did just to simplify things. The background and flower blend beautifully in my opinion, as well as the colors. The angle of the photo is also very intriguing, as it is like we are looking off into the sunset.

Interpret: Although I completed this photo for fun some may see the picture(a flower growing out of a phone that is laying on concrete)and relate it to the impossible taking place, which portrays that anything is possible.


Describe: I created this image in Photoshop for a short story that I wrote. The story(like the photo)is titled "Snap" with the concept that a magical camera captures the very moment it takes a picture of. Captures as in actually traps the person(and/or their soul)into the very camera. Taking this scene from my writing I made it 3D.

Analyze/Evaluate: I feel as though the composition and overall quality of the photo are decent, and adding the 3D effect really made it stand out. The contrast of the leaves and the black of the camera also helps to drag the viewers attention to the focal point(camera).

Interpret: Although I did this for fun, and the scene from my story that I took this from had no significance(besides the girl finding the camera)I feel as though some may feel as though it gives off an eerie feeling. The overall dark composition with the black of the camera and the withed dry leaves helps to contribute to that assumption.

"Every Thing is Blue"

Describe: I took this photo after studying some of photographer Kelia Anne MacCluskey's best known portraits. Given a task to take a portrait using her techniques I snapped this shot.

Analyze: I had my friend sit in a way to where the light coming through the window reflected on her, and made interesting shadows. She chose to place her hand on her cheek, and I allowed her to do so, because it adds a little more to the piece then someone who is just sitting down.

Interpret/Evaluate: Although I saw this as the perfect opportunity to take a decent photo the pose does show a kind of innocence and peacefulness. I liked this photo because of the beautiful shades of blue, and the overall composition.

"Flower Child"

Describe: The purpose of this photo was to recreate the works of someone else. "Afghan girl"(the portrait done by Steve McCurry)was the inspiration for the pose. The portrait was taken by a window which reflected very interesting lighting, and added to the depth of the overall photo.

Analyze/Evaluate: Having the model Stand in front of the window to add interesting lighting helped to tie the picture together. The peaks of light on the model blends into the specks of yellow on the background. The dark's and lights of both pieces complement each other, as well as the color of the jacket and the pink in the background. The cropping of the model could have been more clean, but the roughness does kind of add to the overall piece.

Interpret: The background was chosen because of the focal point: the lotus flower. The background itself has a watercolor tattoo kind of feel, which fits into the culture. Those of afghan descent like the beauty of art, and the peacefulness of the flower also ties into the religion of most of the people.


Describe: The artist John Kviar is well know for his "Invisible people" photos. Based off of some of his work the person behind this photo was inspired to recreate Kviar's style. With the model siting on a bench, he snapped the shot of her and then the background itself. In the process of the creation he made the model herself invisible, and left her clothes to "float in mid air".

Analyze/Evaluate: The composition of the overall piece is decent, but could be stronger if the people in the background(where the models head should be)were gone. Even with them there it does add a sense of wonder as to "Where did the models head go?". Despite this the overall composition was pretty well thought of.

Interpret: The meaning behind the photo could be seen as someone who feels as though the were indeed "Invisible". Although the creator made the piece for fun, some may relate to a deeper meaning they themselves put behind it. Feeling like they are invisible, and walk through life alone and unnoticed.

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