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he NutriCare department of MediTec Group is dedicated to development of good health and the elevation of the general health progress of people. In order to attain good health, nutritious food, clean water and a functioning immune system are paramount objectives.

SilverLife is a liquid immune boosting pure silver mineral supplement, with no side effects on the human body or the environment.

The manufacturing of the SilverLife product is highly complicated because the low concentration of the silver mineral, in order to be active, has to stay in solution. MediTec has during an extensive period done research on the effect of pure silver mineral. MediTec operates with top of the art machinery and our mission is the production of the supreme quality, immune boosting, pure silver; SilverLife.

SilverLife is in solution meant for ingestion, spraying on skin and surfaces plus for purifying of water. Human use of the water solution of silver is based on the fact that the body consists of 70 % water and that water is the most important component in the body. To attain an optimally functioning body, high capacity immune boosting products are of supreme importance. In cases of low immune system SilverLife is needed to uphold full body function.

SilverLife is effective in the low 3 ppm, parts per million, concentration and so provides wide margins of safety

In 1940 the natural intake for the human body of silver in USA was 88 microgram per day (Kehoe R.A., Cholak, J. and Story, R.V. Manganese, lead, tin, aluminum, copper, and silver in normal biological material. J. Nutr., 20:85 1940).

Studies on silver mineral in 1972, show that natural human ingestion was 27-88 microgram per day (Hamilton, E.I. and M.J. Minski. Abundance of the chemical elements in man's diet and possible relations with environmental factors. Sci. Total Environ. 1: 375-394. 1972/1973.)

Today the general natural availability of silver mineral globally is 2-8 microgram per day (Gibson, R.S. Scythes, C.A. Chromium, selenium, and other trace element intake of a selected sample of Canadian premenopausal women. Biol. Trace Elem. Res., 6: 105 (1984)) WHO. Guidelines for drinking-water quality. Vol. 2. Health criteria and other supporting information. Ch. 15. Geneva (1984).

Using 10 – 30 ml of SilverLife, reestablishes the same natural intake of silver as in the 1940’s. SilverLife recommended 10-30 ml per day give a wide safety margin to established regulatory WHO and EPA data.

SilverLife® is an immune booster in a liquid state that naturally interacts with the body.
SilverLife® will initiate an acceleration of the natural body healing processes.
SilverLife® kills viruses, bacteria, fungi and other harmful microbes.
SilverLife® is used for infections and inflammations in the eyes, ears, nose, throat and lungs.
Restoration of vital health functions

Who need SilverLife?

  • Do you easily fall sick or are you ill often?
  • Do you recover slowly when feeling ill?
  • Do you have swollen glands?
  • Do you have sores in mouth or body?
  • Do you have skin problems?
  • Do you suffer aches in joints or feet?
  • Do you suffer diarrhoea or vomiting?

SilverLife Topically:

  • Cuts and​ bacterial infestation​.
  • Skin itching and infections​.
  • Fungus and yeast infections.
  • Problems with acne and impurities.
  • Skin ​burns from hot water and fire. ​
  • ​E​ye ​infections​ and inflammations​. ​
  • ​Ear infections ​and inflammations.​

Effects from SilverLife:

  • Avoidance of harmful microbes.
  • Restoration of vital health functions.
  • Restoration of respiratory problems.
  • Improved tooth health and body healing.
  • Handling of eye/ear infections.
  • Restoration of cuts, burns and acne.
  • Restoration from diarrhoea or vomiting.

The NutriCare department of MediTec Group works with the most qualified technology in the world made in Sweden. MediTec as Original Manufacturer of the Original Immune Boosting Product SilverLife take pride in giving the best service to our clients on the global market through well established distribution networks.

Find out more at www.silverlife.international

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