My Favorite Artwork By: Emily simons

How I came Up With My Idea: American Gothic and Starry Night were my inspiration to the artwork. I used the pendant on the women in American Gothic to create a platform/surface to draw details from Starry Night on. I wanted to make the sculpture three dimensional, but still wanted to capture the essence of the original paintings.

I made four of these pendants.
Then I added detail to each of the four pendants.
This was after the first firing.

Glazing Process

Final Project

Why I Made My Final Decision: I made this my final decision for my project, because I thought it would create unity using different details from the same painting. I wanted it all to come together as a whole. I really liked how carving the details/symbols on the clay base turned out, so I decided to continue with it.

Element of Art Present:

  • Color - I used color during the glazing process. I Used four different colors to add a fun effect and detail.
  • Shape - The artwork is flat and is shaped like an oval to appear as a pendant from American Gothic.
  • Value - I used both black and white in this piece. The background of each pendant is a dark blue. On one of the pendants there is a white wind and a dark blue background. Then on the next two it was a bright yellow on a dark blue to create depth along with using value.
  • Space - The middle of each piece was mostly positive space and then there is negative space in the background.
  • Texture - I carved into each pendant to create texture with in the detail.

Principles Present:

  • Balance - All of the designs are balanced throughout the piece. They do not look off center or out of place
  • Emphasis - The emphasis is towards the the carved areas, because they stand out and attract the most attention.
  • Movement - The lines create movement throughout the pieces.
  • Pattern - A pattern was made by having the shape of pendants the same. I used different symbols from Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh to create a pattern throughout the piece.
  • Repetition - I made a series of the same shape as a base. I took a different symbol for each pendant, but they were all from the same famous artwork, Starry Night.
  • Proportion - The sizes and shapes on all the pendants all work together well. Also the pendants are all the same size to create unity.
  • Variety - To get the viewers attention I used many of the different elements of design.
  • Unity - The pieces all go together and create unity. It was a series of pendants and it was all connected by the symbols that are found in Starry Night.

What I learned: I learned how to use something made by a famous artist and make it my own. Also I learned how to take a simple design and make it creative and interesting.

Inspirations: My inspiration was Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night and Grant Wood's American Gothic. American Gothic gave me the idea of using a pendant, like the one on the woman in the painting, as a surface to add detail too. Starry Night gave me the inspiration for the details/symbols I put on the pendant. This semester the sculptures I made for the most part were not only an artwork, but also had a useful purpose. When creating this piece I thought the pendent shape would be perfect to use to make coasters that are artistic and useful.

Others Interested in Piece: I think anyone that likes the history of art would like this piece. Many who like Vincent Van Gogh and Grant Wood would be interested in this piece, because the piece is based off of some of those artist most famous pieces.

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