William Clark By Zane Buck

This is my Explorer William Clark!!!

William Clark explored St.Louis Missouri

He was BORN August 1st, 1770 in LadySmith Virginia. Sadly he died September 1st, 1838 in St.louis Missouri.

He traveled for the army to explore an indian reservation

He met people on his journey's too. He met a girl named Sacajawea and she explored with him and Lewis. His other friend he traveled with.


  1. Clark is older than Lewis
  2. Sacajawea helped them on there journey.
  3. They met many native American on there way.

Early life facts

  1. He served in the U.S army
  2. He was born in Virginia
  3. He had five older brothers and three older sisters
  4. He met Lewis in the army
  5. Clark did not have as much education as Lewis
This is William Clark's MAP!!! They took a boat on the river (most of the way)


This is what Clark's canoe looked like

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