Chief's Banquet From the perspective of an A1C

I was cruising past my old barracks on JBAB and the DIA that we would run by on our way to the PT pad on frequent 4:30 am excursions to hell (my old tech school mates can relate). I was blasting some Good Good by FGL on the radio and I couldn't help but reminisc and feel empowered by the vast change in my life. I was embarking on my journey to a Chief's Promotion Ceremony, but this time alone, without a clue who I would gravitate towards or inspire.

Capital Medics- Radiology & Mental Health

I walked into the Bolling Club feeling dejavu "as if I had done this before or something of the sort", but this time was diffferent ooooohhh soooo different. I was surrounded by 3 chiefs & a Col. Who barely know me😅. Im thinking silently in my head of how not to sound like a tool to individuals who have been in the AF for roughly 16+ years of their career who have heard it all and then some!

So... the only thing I know how to do or that I am remotely good at is doing the Boom thing, the ClemDawg thing, the Trailer thing, the Clemsonchin thing, the Gerber thing, or the various other nicknames I've recieved over the past 5 years. There is an urge that keeps me from sitting back and being ok with the norm or routine of life! I have to be curious about the stories of others'.

The one question that I always ask people is, Why did you stay enlisted or commission? I've met really cool commissioned officers and enlisted SNCOS. As I flip the pages of my memories and understand the impact certain Airmen have had in my life I begin to realize my choice is becoming clearer for my career.

Command Chief Perry & A1CIC Clement

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