Book Review A single stone

The renowned book seller Meg McKinlay has successfully written an adventurous and amazing novel. "A Single Stone" effectively uses language devices and descriptive language to produce a page turning imaginable novel. This book's storyline is that of pure magnificence. The main protagonists in this novel question there own society to create a theme of rebelliousness against there own culture. If you enjoy reading adventurous and exciting novels of freedom then you will love this best selling children novel by Meg McKinlay. McKinlay grew up in Bendigo Victorian later became an award winning bestselling children's author. This engaging novel beautifully written raises questions about the characters society which makes you think of the society that we too have today and notice its differences and yes its similarities to question our own society that also has its own gaps and cracks of unethicality. Those of you out there that enjoy reading exciting and engaging novels you will definitely enjoy reading this amazing novel written by an amazing author. - Jackson Alback

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