Far from the intrusion of buildings Mithila, Maharashtra Nivas in Chennai

The bustling crowds on the streets fail to disturb the tranquil realm of the house. A house that has witnessed old times, an epoch of uncertain seasons, and a solitary touch that lasts to ignite, stands platonic and reticent.

As I leisurely sauntered on the TTK road in Alwarpet, looking at the buildings and shops, food outlets all around the busy street, never did I care to even look at the only house on the street just next to me. With boundary walls painted in pink and green, the glance at it and the trees behind it, following that archaic yet beautiful house behind them was totally worth it.

Mithila, Maharashtra Nivas, since 1931

With its grounds in the heritage and architecture of Maharashtra, this house – Mithila is a combination of an abstraction and revelation. It was built in 1931 by Ramachandra Rao, a Marathi businessman and a descendent of one of the oldest Maharashtrian families to have settled in the then Madras, now Chennai. Perhaps, the house never lost its shine even though it was built in the threshold of a time when India wasn’t even an independent nation.

The house stands with a cottage-like structure in white painted exterior walls like those from the post modern era. The windows remind of any old lodge built in a jungle, with a shed on each one of them and all painted in the shades of green. They are shaped in hexagonal structures, which are very rare today. The stairs and old minarets at the exteriors of the entrance of the house recall the colonial building structure with an Indian touch because of the house’s big verandah. The house has been well maintained by Mr. and Mrs. Nagoji Rao. Colonnaded houses with such high ceilings and Madras terrace aren’t easily spotted these days.

Sheds on each window painted in shades of green

The house had been constructed in such a way, that one might miss having noticed it while passing by. While the other houses and buildings on the road lie almost close the road, this house alone stands back from the road at a distance that makes one pass through a driveway to enter the house. With trees planted all around the house, it is fascinating how they add to the beauty of the house more than hiding its frontage from the road view.

This stately residence that has a very alienated and isolated existence, far from the intrusion of buildings, did persist despite being more than 80 years old.

The house with colonnaded minrates and green shutters

Indeed, architecture speaks its own language, not unlike other professions, pursuits and genres. It brings with itself a different world altogether, a world from ancient times, of creation, admiration and sustainability.

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