The Family Mansion BY:Jace

Once upon a time there was a guy named Jace who lived with his Aunt Carleigh in her mansion with her cat Jeff. Sadly, when Jeff the cat was 12 years old, Aunt Carleigh died. Jace became Jeff’s new owner. Jace and his cat inherited the mansion which was worth 77 million dollars, and they also inherited 1.7 billion dollars. Even though the mansion was worth so much, Jace and good old furry Jeff moved to a new house because to them the mansion was old and ugly.

This is the old mansion

When Jace’s family found out he was selling the house, everybody was mad. He was about to take the creaky mansion off the market when someone offered more money than it was worth. Jace didn’t accept the offer right away, because he wasn’t sure if he should take the money and move like he wanted to or if he should stay in the family home. After a few days, he decided to take the offer and move to the house he loved. The family was still upset, but once they saw the new home, they did like that also. The new house was a lot cheaper, so Jace could buy nice things for his family which they appreciated, of course.

That is the house with a for sale sign
This is the 7,500 square foot house the they are moving to

As time went on, everyone was happy that Jace and lucky little Jeff lived in the new house, but Jace still felt badly about Carleigh’s old house so he would go by the house often to see if they were trying to sell it. After a while, Jace gave up. He thought to himself that the people had just moved in about one and a half years ago, so they wouldn't be moving out anytime soon. One morning, Jace had a weird feeling when he woke up, but didn’t know how to describe it. He just tried to ignore that feeling, so he did everything that he usually did. He went through his morning routine, went to work and on the way back from work he went past Carleigh’s old house and it was for sale! Jace couldn’t believe it! He didn’t tell anyone, all he did was go home and call a realtor. Jace got to go to the house, that night. The owners had updated the house, which felt strange but looked nice. To honor his family he put in an offer on the old family home. Jace had butterflies in his stomach and had a hard time sleeping that night waiting to see if his offer was accepted. Jeff could tell that something was going on, and he pounced all around the entire night. The next morning after a sleepless night he still didn’t hear back. It wasn’t until after lunch that afternoon that he received a call. “Hello, this is Jace,” answered jace to the realtor who called.

“Jace! This is Spencer and I am calling with some news. Your offer was accepted! Congratulations on your new house!”

“Thank you so much! I can’t wait to surprise my family!” Jace replied.

After Jace hung up with the realtor he immediately invited his family over for dinner that night but he didn’t spill the beans! When the family arrived for dinner that night, they had no idea he would be moving back to Carleigh’s house but did get a clue that something was happening because the realtor had already put a for sale sign up in his yard. The sign sparked conversation and the family asked where he was moving to. Jace pretended that he didn’t hear the question and changed the subject. During the meal, all of a sudden Jace said, “Carleigh’s house!” The didn’t know what he meant. “Carleigh’s house is 100 million and this house is 99 million.” The family then realized he was moving back! The whole family was super happy! Jace told them the next time they see him it will be at the old family mansion.

Carleighs old house

After Jace was all moved in, Jeff the cat and Jace invited the family over. There were mixed feelings about the house because it had been remodeled. Some people loved it but some wished it was the same because of all of the memories they had made in that house. “How about we start new memories in a newly updated house,” Jace said. The whole family agreed on it! Life was good for Jace, Jeff and all of Carleigh’s relatives. They always thought of her and missed her, and the house was her gift for all to love.

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Created By
Jace Gustafson


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