The Essential Tour of Greece September 2022! Majestic Dream Vacations brings a tour of the Athens, Mykonos, Santorini and Crete #LiveTheDream.......

Join us at Majestic Dream Vacations as we take flight for The Essential Tour of Greece with a stop in Athens, Mykonos and Santorini with an option for Crete.....

Welcome to Greece!


Greece is a country in southeastern Europe with thousands of islands throughout the Aegean and Ionian seas. Influential in ancient times, it's often called the cradle of Western civilization. Athens, its capital, retains landmarks including the 5th-century B.C. Acropolis citadel with the Parthenon temple. Greece is also known for its beaches, from the black sands of Santorini to the party resorts of Mykonos.

1st Stop is Athens......

Athens is the capital of Greece. It was also at the heart of Ancient Greece, a powerful civilization and empire. The city is still dominated by 5th-century BC landmarks, including the Acropolis, a hilltop citadel topped with ancient buildings like the colonnaded Parthenon temple. The Acropolis Museum, along with the National Archaeological Museum, preserves sculptures, vases, jewelry and more from Ancient Greece.

Day One
Arrive Athens

Today you will arrive at Athens Airport. You will be met by our English speaking representative, who will be waiting for you holding a sign with your name. You will then have a private transfer to your hotel, check in and settle into the room. The rest of your day is at leisure.

Day Two
Half Day Tour of Athens

Your day will be picked up from the hotel and depart on a tour to the modern city of Athens (shared coach tour). It will begin with breakfast at a cafe, and then around 11:00am you will you will visit Syntagma Square, the Academy, the University, the National Library, Iliou Melathron, the former home of the celebrated archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann and one of the most beautiful buildings in Athens, the Presidential Palace, the Panathenaic stadium - all made by white marble, and the Greek House of Parliament, a neoclassical structure overlooking the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier where the traditional Changing of the Guard takes place.

Next stop is the Acropolis, where a series of steps invites you to ascend to the top of this sacred rock. Upon reaching the top you will pass through the Propylaea, the stately entrance to the magnificent structures inside, and will be greeted by a spectacular view of the city and the entire basin of Attica. You will also visit the awesome Parthenon, by far the best known and most awe - inspiring of the structures on the Acropolis. This massive Doric temple was dedicated to Athena, the divine patroness of Athens. In contrast, conclude your tour with a visit to the New Acropolis Museum, a marvel of architecture with a full exhibition of the glory of Ancient Athens.

Dinner In The Sky Athens

When was the last time you did something for the first time? How far would you go to take the perfect selfie, watch the sunset under the Acropolis’ eye, have the time of your life with your friends or set your romantic dinner date above the city lights?

Launched in Brussels back in 2006, Dinner in the Sky, with a presence in more than 60 countries, started its operation in Athens in 2015. Since that time, we have welcomed more than 21.500 guests from all over the world and have been rated as one of the Best Restaurants in Athens!

Dinner in the Sky is a multi-awarded extraordinary culinary proposal that welcomes 22 guests along with our Chefs who prepare a 6-course menu, which is served at 40 meters up in the sky, offering a once in a life time experience.

Dinner in the Sky takes you to heaven, while the nightlife of Athens “awakens”. As the table slowly rotates you get views ranging from the sculpturally lit Acropolis, the surrounding mountains, the sea and of course the Athenian cityscape. Choose between the Acropolis Panorama Dinner, Acropolis Sunset Dinner or the Starlit Acropolis Dinner invite your friends, loved ones or colleagues to a special dinner and spice up your nights in Athens with a combination of exceptional food and breathtaking views.

Dinner in the sky is also the “foodies’ heaven”! The menu consists of 6 dishes, which combine the Greek tradition with the modern culinary inspiration. The menu is accompanied by delicious Greek wines, which are well-known for their superior taste and quality.

Athens to Mykonos Island

Mykonos is an island in the Cyclades group in the Aegean Sea. It's popularly known for its summer party atmosphere. Beaches such as Paradise and Super Paradise have bars that blare thumping music. Massive dance clubs attract world-renowned DJs and typically stay open well past dawn. Iconic landmarks include a row of 16th-century windmills, which sit on a hill above Mykonos town.

Day 3
Arrive Mykonos

This morning you will have an early breakfast at the hotel, then you will be transferred from your hotel to the airport (timing TBA) for your flight to Mykonos Island.

After 45 minute flight you will arrive in Mykonos. Mykonos is world-famous. It is no coincidence that this, the most cosmopolitan of all Greek islands, attracts so many visitors from all over the globe, including large numbers of artists and intellectuals. Here, the steep mountains to be encountered in most of the Cyclades give way to low, rocky hills which combine with superb beaches to make up the landscape of the island. Mykonos is a busy island with all the amenities of a modern resort and with plenty to do by day or night for those who want to have a lively time. Yet visitors looking for a more peaceful holidays will still find quiet corners in which to relax. On Mykonos there is something for everyone: location that the easily accessible by public transportation or "far from the madding crowd", family style beaches or those frequented mainly by wind-surfers, plus one may enjoy a great variety of water-sports and many beaches bars and restaurants. Mykonos, the most visited of the Greek islands, has a night life unlike any other!

Semeli Hotel or similar

Upon arrival in Mykonos, you will be transferred to your hotel. After checking in and settling into the room, you will have the rest of the day at leisure.


After the fifties, Mykonos had been established as the place to be among the international jet set. With large crowds, fantastic nightlife, and an eccentricity about her grandeur. Just do not be surprised to find yourself standing next to some famous artist you actually respect. Legendary stars, tycoons, playboys, as well as individuals of an artistic tendency and politicians, have bowed to the "fantasmagical" grandness of the intensity and the craze of the most beautiful island on the planet. The island's cosmopolitan lifestyle took off internationally, literally eaten up by thousands of front pages. An endless parade of the rich and famous, amongst the Queen Soraya, Leopold of Bavaria, Rockefeller, Churchill, Maria Callas, Greta Garbo and Aristotle Onassis.

Day 4
Half Day Mykonos Island Tour

After your pick up from your hotel we will depart in the morning at 10:30 a.m. starting from the old port of Mykonos, to enjoy the tour around the island from a different point of view, full of traditional and authentic images and experiences. Our first stop will be the picturesque small port of St. Ioannis, an area which was named after a small church dedicated to Saint Ioannis and one of great historical significance. We will visit the church, along with the Saint's cell where the annual fair in his name is also being held. The small port in front of us is the starting point of the local fishing boats which are protected here from the island's strong north winds.

Right afterwards we will depart towards the Mykonos' airport, where we will have a panoramic view of the airport's runway and perhaps we are lucky enough to catch a plane taking off or landing. Leaving the airport behind us, we will be headed towards Ano Mera Village and pass through one entirely different scenery, one of the island's most typical agricultural and stock raising areas, where we will observe small local cultivated fields and even some domestic animals in local family owned farms.

After capturing all these images of Mykonian countryside and its lifestyle, we will reach the farm of the Mykonian Spiti, where we will be guided by our escort and always under the directions of the farm's superintendent. Whoever wishes may also use the farm's tools and get involved with the farming work and tasks in co-operation with the superintendent. Take this opportunity to get closer to the domestic animals and the farm's traditional organic cultivation. A light snack lunch will be offered to all visitors, consisting of local products from the traditional farm itself.

Next we will head towards the Ano Mera village's colorful square, where one of the island's two monasteries is located ("Panagia Tourliani") and we will be guided through its chambers. You can also take a glimpse at the nearby open air market with vegetables and other local products .

As we continue our tour, we will be passing by some of the most distant beaches of Mykonos, named "Kalo Livadi", "Kalafati" and "Aghia Anna". Our next destination will be the abandoned establishment of the now inoperative mines of Mykonos. Until some years ago useful lignite was extracted here from the soil to be used in various ways. Up next we will reach the beautiful narrow streets of Mau, at the end of which the Mykonos dam is located, constructed to meet the needs of the island in water.

Then, we will proceed to a very well known site where almost all the island's visitors have made a stop, in order to capture a panoramic Mykonos Town photo shooting. Following the picture taking we will drive you back to your hotel or a location of your choice.

Day 5

Your day begins with breakfast at the hotel. You then have the full day at leisure in Mykonos.

Beach Day & Mykonos Town Night

Mykonos remains one of the prettiest islands of the Cyclades. It is not just the brilliant white of the graphic homes on the backdrop of blue. It is not just the four hundred churches that decorate the remotest corner. It is not just the crystal clear beaches that border the island. It is the worldwide recognized windmills not only decorating the landscape but is a major part of it. It is the little Venice, with its old world manors of captains long gone, with their balconies stretching out over the waves. Never believe that you know everything about Mykonos. Enjoy the sea and the sun, or just stroll around the island and make your own explorations.

Mykonos to Santorini

Santorini is one of the Cyclades islands in the Aegean Sea. It was devastated by a volcanic eruption in the 16th century BC, forever shaping its rugged landscape. The whitewashed, cubiform houses of its 2 principal towns, Fira and Oia, cling to cliffs above an underwater caldera (crater). They overlook the sea, small islands to the west and beaches made up of black, red and white lava pebbles.

Day 6
Mykonos to Santorini

Your day begins with breakfast at the hotel in Mykonos. After breakfast you will be picked up and transferred from your hotel to the Mykonos airport (timing TBA). From there, you are going to embark on your flight and travel to Santorini Island.

Santorini is the most active volcanic centre in the Aegean Arc, though what remains today is largely a caldera. The name Santorini was given to it by the Venetians in the 13th century and is a reference to Saint Irene. Before then it was called Kallisti, Strongili or Thera. The island was the site of one of the largest volcanic eruptions of the last several thousand years when it erupted cataclysmically about 3,500 years ago. The eruption left a large caldera surrounded by ash deposits hundreds of feet deep, and its effects may have indirectly led to the collapse of the Minoan civilization on the island of Crete, to the south. It has also been said that the sunsets in Santorini are the best in the world. From the Caldera breathtaking views of the volcano and neighbouring islands. From the east miles of dark sandy or pebbled beaches. Everywhere one sees small domed churches and remnants of days gone by. This is Santorini seen through the eyes of people who know and love it.

Upon arrival in Santorini you will be picked up from the airport and transferred to your hotel. After checking in and settling into the room, you will have the rest of the day at leisure.

Santorini Palace Hotel or similar
Day 7
Santorini Palace Hotel or similar

After breakfast we meet our bus and we start the optional tour of the day. From the port of Athinios, we head by caique to the volcano (entrance ticket to the volcano 2.5 euros per person) to see the active crater! Then we swim in the hot waters of Palea Kameni where the water temperature reaches 35oC. Then, sailing above the sub-marine crater, we reach the islet of Thirassia where you can eat, swim and visit the small traditional villages. After Thirassia, we continue to Oia to see the magical sunset. You can stroll around this lovely town and feel its magnificent vibes. After sunset, you head on our bus and we return to our departure point. The tour includes bus transfer from your hotel to the port of Athinios and back.

Day 8
Last Day of Leisure in Santorini

Your day begins with breakfast at the hotel. You then have the day free to relax and enjoy the island of Santorini.

Santorini (Fira) is a magical Greek island enveloped in mystery and charm. Often referred to as the "crown jewel of Greece", Santorini continues to be one of the most popular destinations in the country, becoming one of the world's top honeymoon spots. Santorini has some of the most unique geographical characteristics of any other island in the world - it was literally formed by a series of catastrophic volcanic explosions over the course of thousands of years. The result is a wonderland of steep cliffs, ebony volcanic rocks and mesmerizing ocean views. If you like beer, why not stop by the Donkey Brewery for a quick tour and delicious sampling of their products. For centuries, the island has been a prominent producer of wine, but with a little entrepreneurial spirit, Donkey Brewery was born. The three brews, Yellow, Red, and Crazy, have caught the attention of local and international beer enthusiasts alike. Donkey beers have now become some of the most sought-after brews in Greece.

The first thing that catches your attention when you set eyes on a Cycladic island is the white washed houses, usually accompanied by blue doors and windows. The houses are evidently in absolute concordance with the light blue sky and the vast Aegean Sea. This harmony has been established many years ago for various purposes. Nowadays, these colors constitute the hallmark of Cyclades and represent Greece, as they also match its flag.

Why not take a breathtaking cable-car ride down to the old port. The cable car soars off the edge of the volcano and floats down 300 metres, past extraordinary solidified lava flows and rock formations. It is one of the wildest white-knuckle rides in Europe.

Day 9
Santorini to Athens

Your day begins with breakfast at the hotel in Santorini. After breakfast you will be picked up and transferred from your hotel to the airport (timing TBA) for your flight to Athens.

The End

Optional Extended Tour to Crete

Day 8

Santorini to Crete

Today have breakfast at your hotel before meeting up with your driver who will transfer you to the port, in order to catch the ferry to the largest island of Greece, Crete!

Once you arrive, meet up with your driver who will transport you to the area of Hersonissos, one of the most popular tourist resorts in Crete, located approximately 28km east of Heraklion.

Stella Crete Island or Similar

There is an array of activities to entertain yourself, as during the day you can enjoy nice beaches or water parks, drink your coffee in the seaside road, visit the local archaeological sites, stroll in the villages of Ano Hersonissos, Piskopiano and Koutouloufari, trek in the gorges of Avdou valley, visit the Lassithi Plateau and much more. Similarly, during the night the choices for entertainment are abundant, with many nightclubs situated on the coastal road.

Unsurprisingly, this mystical, pure and generous island to the south of the Aegean Sea captures the spirit of Greece and enchants everyone who visits.

Arrival and check in at your hotel. Overnight.

Day 9

Explore Crete

Day 10

Leisure Day

Day 11
Crete to Athens

Your day begins with breakfast at the hotel in Crete. After breakfast you will be picked up and transferred from your hotel to the airport (timing TBA) for your flight to Athens.

The End

Travel Dates: September 12th to 22nd, 2022

Cost Per Person Based on 2 Adults Sharing Room starting at $2,599/pp.

(Single supplement fee is an additional $700)

Optional 3 Nights Add-on to Crete

Travel Dates: September 12th to 24th, 2022

Cost Per Person Based on 2 Adults Sharing Room starting at $3,199/pp.

(Single supplement fee is an additional $1,000)



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  • Two nights hotel stay at 4* Hotel in Santorini - includes breakfast daily
  • 3 Tours (Half Day Athens Tour, Mykonos Island Tour and Santorini - Volcano Tour)
  • Dinner in the Sky Athens
  • Per person economy Air ticket from Athens to Mykonos
  • Round trip ground transportation from Mykonos port to hotel, by private air conditioned bus and English speaking assistant
  • Per person hydro boat ticket from Mykonos to Santorini
  • Ground transportation from Santorini port to hotel, by private air conditioned bus and English speaking assistant
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