A Geek's Studio workplace as art

When an artist like me, a scientist as well, decks out their workspace you can expect something a little different from the stereotypical artist studio.

Dinosaurs, crime scene boxes, TARDIS, experimenting with acid and hot wax, drawing rocks and fossils, Chewbacca pencil case, and Tesla overlooking everything.

Mind you, in my 20+ years as a working artist I don't think I've ever seen a "typical" artist studio. We're all as different as you. One friend surrounds herself with seaside and vintage mementoes. Another splatters paint everywhere and her studio is dedicated just to her artwork. Another pins up inspirational quotes, photos and postcards. An American friend surrounds himself with tools and scrapyard finds. Another works on her textiles in (in photos anyway!) a pristine clean white-walled space.

While the creative inspiration of the images themselves comes for the landscape around me, my workaday inspiration to actual make things comes from science. The awe of discovery and intellect. The limits of the human endeavour. The possibilities of space. The millions of years under our feet. The lure of how much we are capable of and our boundless individual visions.

More dinosaurs and rocks, geeky mugs, studying space science, and experimenting with LED lights.

So I surround myself with physicists, NASA images, science museum posters, bits and bobs of electronics, plastic dinosaurs, sci-fi books, geological maps of the UK, fossils and article clippings. (and real dragon!) Creativity comes from everywhere.

Created By
Tina Mammoser

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