The Need for Computer Science

By: Chloe Milbrand

Computer Science courses are becoming mandatory from elementary school to high school in many states across the country. New York State doesn’t have any standards for CS but soon it will be a class that all students are familiar with across the country. Kids will become more familiar with the physical computer, coding, and how things such as the internet are being implemented. This decision will help the students of America grasp the idea of the internet, and concepts surrounding it. Many more students will choose to major in STEM education, therefore bringing about new ideas to help us have the most advanced technology possible.

As a student becomes interested in pursuing a Computer Science degree, I believe that this change of pace can only help our education system. Computers run our world, and not being able to understand them limits us to many possibilities surrounding them. When high school students do not know the basic parts of a computer, then there is a problem. When high school students don't know how information is sent and received through computers, there is a problem. Right now, our school has one Computer Science class, where no AP credit can be earned (most schools in our area offer this course as an AP). There are about fifteen of us, and many of us plan to go to college for CS. We cover the basics of computers, coding, and the internet, and apply our knowledge through mini projects that we do with partners. The class itself is wonderful, and my fellow students agree.

It’s amazing to see that the majority of the work we do is considered ‘elementary level’. In States like Oklahoma, where CS classes are required to graduate, fifth graders are learning the same level as us, and that's one of the reasons that we are pushing for standardized Computer Science classes.

Within the next 10 years, we will see Computer Science continue to grow in our country, and all of the States will require some kind of Computer Science class to learn the ins and outs of the computer world.

Humans and Robots

By: Ricardo A. Herrera D.


In recent years we have seen how technology is advancing rapidly and is absorbing the human being. These technologies shouldn’t be considered all bad as they help us in our daily lives and facilitate our work. Robots are good in some ways, but also destroy us in different ways.

❖ Advantage with respect to work

From the company's’ point of view, the robots are the better thing for work because now the company doesn’t need a contract or have to pay more to employers. The bots can work for them. That is good, now with a robot the companies can get good benefits.

❖ Disadvantage with respect to work

There is some resistance and concerns to the possibility that robotic machines obtain higher levels of employability than the human being himself. This aspect limits day by day the space for the enhancement of skills, intelligence and talent that human resources can bring to organizations. Every time the robots threat against jobs and many employees have so far lost jobs.

❖ The life in home with robots

Now in homes we have robots that help us with the housework. For example:

  • We have a robot to clean floors.
  • We also have technology devices that with just a voice command, can turn on the TV, turn on the lights, turn on the stereo, answer questions, etc.

Someday we will live surrounded by robots everywhere, because every year the technology advances at a high speed. We will have to get used to it and know how to use them!

Times Up!

By: Natalie Gang

The 75th Golden Globes were hosted this Sunday and it was not just a pretty pageant. No, this time the award show stood for something more than “Who are you wearing?” for the women and actual intelligent questions for the men. Many actresses chose to bring activists alongside them as their plus one, such as Emma Stone and Billie Jean King, a former tennis champion. Another notable change was that the red carpet was dominated by the color black, which women wore to represent solidarity while many men wore black shirts with their suits and Time’s Up pins as well. This was done to show their support for victims of sexual assault and harassment in their industry and in other industries in light of the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

The show was hosted by Seth Meyers, who joked that future award show hosts were “watching me like the first dog shot into outer space." One could understand why the tone of the award show needed to be witty and not awkward, and Meyers stuck to smart, appropriate jokes about the ‘elephant in the room’. That is, sexual harassment and Harvey Weinstein. So while some decided to confront the topic head on, many chose not to and skirted around it entirely.

While some bits of the award show were shaky, Oprah Winfrey delivered a rousing speech as she was the recipient for the Cecil B. DeMille Award. "For too long, women have not been heard or believed if they dared to speak their truth to the power of those men. But their time is up. Their time is up!" she said.

This was a night to showcase that Hollywood has so much talent that is not exclusive to men, but that talent can come from women and people of color as well. The days of struggling to be heard because of your gender or race are no longer. The time is up on discrimination, sexual assault, and gender inequality. The Golden Globes was remarkable as such a majority of people truly understood what it was about and supported it. Time is truly up, and a new era in Hollywood is beginning.

On-Campus or Online College: What is the Best Option for you?

By: Katelynn Steinmetz

For graduate students, parents, or undergraduate students with full-time employment, online degree programs can provide flexibility to complete your desired program. Although, there are beneficial factors to living on-campus, or even commuting and attending a college that way. There are still multiple aspects to consider before deciding whether to choose an online or traditional college experience; including the cost, difficulty, student services, faculty quality, degree designation, and strength. When reviewing a college’s affordability, usually students lean towards assuming an online program is cheaper, but sometimes they are more expensive or the same price as an in-person credit. It depends on the school itself, and how they align their credit hours to their price. It is also easy to assume that opting for internet based classes is less difficult, but it is not intended for everyone, as you must be self-motivated. If you are not willing or able to discipline yourself, and if you lack primal writing skills, you will not be successful in an online program. Various online degree programs have excellent support services for their students, but various others are far behind on providing proper accessibility to counselors, or tutoring opportunities. These services should be available to students outside of working hours, to ensure everyone can easily access them. If they are only provided between eight and five, anyone with a consistent work schedule will not be able to rely on these sources of assistance.

It is common for universities to employ separate instructors for online courses than on-campus courses, and typically, online professors have less experience. Schools rely on professionals in such field who have enough experience to teach, but not particularly a doctorate. As a student, you want to be taught by the best in the field, so be sure to know the differences between faculty. Most students enjoy working with adjuncts because they have connections to the industry, as well as up-to-speed perspectives on workplace trends. Also, most schools will not distinguish between whether your degree was earned online or on-campus, but either way it shouldn’t matter to employers. One last thing to remember are the relationships between yourself and other students as well as faculty, since it is important to feel connected. Active alumni groups can help students land jobs, and those who have strong ties to classmates have higher graduation rates than those who don’t. Online school can be beneficial to college students who have trouble in large crowds, or struggle with an inconsistent work schedule. Although, it does take away from an experience with other students and typical activities that happen on campus.

Renewable Energy

By: Ty Sibiga

Throughout history many nonrenewable resources have been used to create energy. The first use of petroleum oil dates back to 2000 B.C. by the Chinese empire. The first use of coal was used back in 3000 B.C. by the Chinese. These sources of energy were a huge step for mankind, and further developed civilized society. The coal industry was the most popular energy source in the 1800’s until about the 1860’s when kerosene was formed from crude oil. Oil then took the lead role in the world's energy source with coal right behind it. It may be a surprise to you but many people used renewable resources before the nonrenewable resources were popular. The horse drawn plow and the wind sail are both examples of renewable energy. During the 1900’s people started to realize fossil fuels cannot last forever, and so started the popular thought of renewable energy sources. Popular energy sources are wind, solar, hydro, and biomass. For domestic use renewable energy systems are often expensive to install, but they are able to pay for themselves over a number of years. As technology advances, initial costs fall and this payback period becomes shorter. In addition, many governments promote renewable sources of energy by subsidizing installations. In a domestic situation some kind of solar panel can be used to convert sunlight into electricity or thermal energy. This is an excellent example of renewable energy and is completely pollution-free. The world will continue to recognize that fossil fuels will not last forever and that renewable energy is the future of this planet.

Logan Paul is Done with YouTube?

By: Jordan Kolek

Logan Paul is an American vlogger and actor with over fifteen million subscribers and counting. His recent video may be taking his career to an end though. On December 31 of 2017, Paul uploaded a video depicting the recently dead corpse of a man who committed suicide in Aokigahara. The video gained well over five million views within the first twenty-four hours of posting it. The online community was outraged. He was criticized from celebrities worldwide. He removed the video and has apologized on twitter with a written apology and also an emotional apology on YouTube. The biggest problem with this issue is that teens and children make up all of his subscribers. Many petitions have been made to try and have Paul’s YouTube channel erased from the online community, but they have yet to do so. Instead they are removing him from YouTube’s preferred videos and putting other movies and projects with him on hold. Since this video went viral YouTube has hired thousands of reviewers to delete or flag videos that look troublesome while teaching computers how to spot these videos.

“Last week YouTube said it took down more than 150 thousand videos featuring children and disabled comments for more than 625 thousand videos.” (NY Times)

“Possible Explosion Could Be Devastating”

By: Austen Sarikey

Currently on many news websites a horrific collision has been high in discussion. The Sanchi tanker collided with another ship. The Panama-flagged Sanchi was bringing its cargo of oil from Iran to South Korea when it collided with the Hong Kong-registered freighter CF Crystal. It happened 260 km (160 miles) off the coast of Shanghai in the mouth of the Yangtze River Delta. The collision happened on Saturday and leaked for at least two days after the collision between the tanker and cargo ship. There are numerous problems and complications with removing the spill and stopping it from causing environmental damage. People have two big fears. One is they are afraid of it catching on fire and exploding and two people are also afraid of it constantly leaking and killing wildlife.

A big problem is that we cannot get the oil out of the water. The Sanchi had 136,000 tons of condensate on board. Condensate is a light version of crude oil. Along with this they also have heavy toxic shipping fuel. Condensate is highly toxic, low in density and is more explosive than regular oil. The problem is condensate oil is very hard to detect and has no odor. Along with this it's very disastrous to the environment. "It's not like crude, which does break down under natural microbial action; this stuff actually kills the microbes that break the oil down."(bbc news). This oil cannot be scraped off the surface like the heavy normal oil.

Our best hope is to put out the fire and stop the ship from sinking. If the ship sinks with the cargo intact, then you have basically a giant bomb on the seabed which will slowly and continually release the condensate. There could be a long-term exclusion of fishing for many hundreds of kilometers in this area. There will also population decrease in any animals around the surrounding area. This could affect the economy around the area severely, and can permanently damage the ecosystems around the spill.

Tarantula- Hawk Wasp (One of the Worst Insect Stings in History)

By: Andrew Tessmer

Female tarantula-hawk wasps are notorious for killing big tarantulas. Some people say that it’s one of the worst stings ever. A couple of people have compared their stings to being shocked by a tazer. The females will go out and find a tarantula and you would think that because the tarantula-hawks are so small that they would easily be killed, but you would be quite surprised. When the tarantula comes out of their burrow, the wasps are very good at dodging the attacks, then they will taunt them until the spider lifts up their front legs to try and go for an attack. The wasp will then flip itself over and repeatedly sting the tarantula. When their prey is paralyzed, the wasp will then drag their prey over any terrain in order to get it back to their nest. Next, the mother will lay some eggs right onto the abdomen of the spider. When, the babies are born, they will start to eat the paralyzed spider, leaving all of the vital organs last so that it can be alive as long as possible. While the females are flying in the air, they can sense the chemicals that tarantulas are giving off so that they can locate their prey and then attack. The stinger of the wasps is .25 inches. The sting is so agonizing that it will leave a human in a state of paralysis for up to 5 minutes. Only the female wasps sting and have stingers. They are also much larger than the males.

Take a Bite out of the Big Apple

By: Zackary Martin

Winter in Western New York State can be a cold and frustrating time if you do not like the snow or icy cold temperatures. If you are a skier or a snowboarder, you wait for these seasons the whole year round. If you want something to do that doesn't require too much movement such as skiing, then you should head to New York City! The reason why you should go to New York City is that there are so many activities that go on during the winter seasons in New York City. One major activity is the Winter Carnival. The Winter Carnival is a huge part of New York City which includes ice skating and ice sculpture contests. Other different events are the Winter Jazz fest, Good Riddance Day, and the Brooklyn tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. Another fun winter activity that you can do in New York City is The Bryant Park Winter Village Guided tour. This tour goes through the beautiful Bryant Park that is decorated with Christmas trees and decorations. Bryant park also holds a seventeen thousand square foot ice rink. So if you’re in the mood for some winter fun go for a road trip to New York City and let the memories begin.


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