Tour of the Harn by Taylor Brown

I found the medium of this art piece and the technique of the artist very interesting, this work really caught my eye. I found it striking that the base of the figure was made out of magnesium and it had to be cut and folded in such an abstract way. Then they paint was placed in different colors and patterns across the magnesium base, but it all flows together nicely. The artwork made me feel a bit stressed because of how abstract and random it seemed to be, it made me wonder if the artist planned this out or just went into making it blindly.
The design of this exhibit, Highlights from the Photography Collection, i found particularly appealing because this entrance. This exhibit featured various photos of artist Frida Kahlo and subjects that went along with her life. All of the photos were in black and white. That's why i liked how they made the entrance to the exhibit a colorful painting of Kahlo in the very front and center, blocking off the view of the black and white photographs. It made me feel like I was at first in a world of color when looking in from the outside, but then taken into a world of real-life black and white photos.
This Horizontal Mask (korubla) relates to some of my core values when it comes to tradition. The way it looks helps resemble its role as a mediator that can move between realms, and thus has the power to release the deceased from the realm of humans to the otherworld. Although that point doesn't necessarily relate to my personal values, it was traditionally used at funerals and was specific to their culture. I believe it is important to have traditions special to one's family or culture at events like funerals, weddings, celebrations, etc. This piece instills an emotion of the importance of remembrance and helps me further my beliefs of the significance of tradition.
I was so happy to find a whole exhibit on Frida Kahlo since she was such a large topic in class when discussing embodying the good life. I thought this photograph of Kahlo was perfect for the good life theme of embodying because it shows an up close picture of her face. One can clearly see her unibrow and mustache, proving that she didn't care about what a women's facial hair should be like. It also shows her elaborate fashion sense that was very unique to her and no one else at this time period. It adds to my understanding and appreciation of embodying the good life because i really got to see Kahlo up close and how she actually grew facial hair and had her own sense of style.


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