Digital Imaging Portfolio Kevin Karimi Per. 1

For this image, I had to use the refining edge tool in order to show the fine hairs of the animals. Also, in order to make the bear look like it's moving, I used motion blur to create this effect.
When cropping the crab from another image, it was sharper in the front, so I had to use different brush hardness when cropping it. As the soccer image was both sharp and somewhat blurry, the crab seems to fit in with the image's quality.
In this image, the building was a lot brighter as it was in a morning setting. However, After adding the firework background, I was able to blend the color of the lights with the building in layer styles and altering the color and gradient overlays.
For this comic book cover, I colored it in by painting different layers with different types of brushes and brush hardness. I used the gradient tool for the X-Men logo. Also, I lighten colors using the dodge tool and I darken colors using the burn tool.
For this image, I turned a normal house into the look of a haunted house. To do this, I changed the brightness of the image and skewed the house itself. I then chose a spooky background to fit in and I also filled a window with a shining light color with a motion blur to make it seem that it has a bright light inside. Motion blur was also used to make it seem that it is raining.
This was a surrealism project in which I decided to make around a drone takeover setting. I wanted to show how drones, or technology, can take over people as well as nature itself. I used multiple layers and blends to create this image.
For this image, I had a picture of a dog and made it look like a painting version of that image. To make this, I had to add a new snapshot and then used the art history brush. From this, there are many styles of brushes to choose from depending on how you want the image to look.
This was an image from The Walking Dead game, which I made to look like a painting on a canvas. I was using the art history brush to create this. I emboss the image then changed the blending mode to overlay.
This image was made for the release of the Supreme Brick. This is an image from The Lion King where I cropped out Simba and put the brick there instead.
I traced this picture of Gir in Illustrator by tracing it with the pen tool and using different lines/fills. I made the shadow effect by using the blob brush tool.
I traced this image of Courage the Cowardly Dog as this was a TV show that I used to watch. To trace him, I used the pen tool as well as different lines and fills. I would also use the smooth tool to avoid weird tracing along his character.


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