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Nature on Display

There is no better way to entice museum goers than directly immersing them into the exhibit itself. The "Butterfly Rainforest" does just that. Surrounded by nature, one would find it difficult not to appreciate the beauty and majesty within the preserve. From the fluttering, flying butterflies to the trickling, tranquil water, this preserve easily embodies the spirit of nature and its subtleties.

Nature and Ethics

After walking through the history of the Florida Seminole Exhibit, the museum provides one with an interesting perspective of life below the water. Seminoles strictly fished for survival, as opposed to fishing to excess or for sport as seen in modern times. The exaggerated size of the underwater ecosystem connects viewers with a sense of biodiversity on a deeper level.

Nature and the Human Spirit

The animal fossils at the museum allow us to step out of our modern lives and step in to a more simple and primitive time. This connection reveals to us just how little we are in and how the present is but a small moment over eons of time. It makes us think about the future and what people of that time will think about us now in our present lives. How will we be looked back upon? What will we leave that will be remembered?
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