The Can Gio Story A Nation's desire to be green

An environmental disaster area during the Vietnam War, these series of pictures tries to capture the Vietnamese's desire to turn this Ground Zero of an environmental warzone into a biosphere.

Spanning an area of over 75 000 ha, the Can Gio Biosphere Reserve is now declared to be a UNESCO site, unlike the scene that pervades it during the Vietnam War. Used by the local soldiers as a safe haven, the huge swath of greenery was rained by over 4 million litres of herbicides and other chemicals, and its adverse impacts was so deeply embedded into the eco-system that it required an entire generation of dedicated care for it to be what it is today.

This docu-story captures the various activities that are only beginning to take place within the biosphere, and the steps taken by the local authorities to ensure its sustainability. Hopefully it is a gentle reminder to the current and future generations, about the fragility of Mother Nature.

These pictures are taken over a period of 3 months, with 2 visitations to the Biosphere. My wish and hope is that these photos and the story would serve as a reminder, and perhaps an inspiration, to what Man's steely determination can achieve in our constant fight to ensure Earth's survival.

These are photos of the trip

It was definitely a tiring trip physically...but I do hope that these set of photo-stories are a step in the right direction to create that awareness amongst my viewers about the importance of protecting Mother Nature and about being satisfied with what they have.

It took the Vietnamese over 1 generation of about 40 years to achieve what they have achieved now, even with all the resourcing constraints that they had. Through sheer determination, ingenuity, and perhaps innovation, the Biosphere was on her way to be a flourishing swath of green mangrove swamps once more.

But lest we are thinking that this was an easy process, let us remember that it was definitely not! It was not going to be easy to do what they had done, with all the multi-dimensionalities that they had to consider...but it was definitely something that they had achieved and done, and would continue on doing.

And I hope that their determination and resolve would be something that my students can emulate, in both their studies, and more importantly, their lives. This is only a start...perhaps a start to something even greater...for all of them.

Thanks to all for your viewership...and to the people involved in the Can Gio Biosphere project. You are indeed an inspiration.

Created By
Irfan Darian