U.S. Citizenship By: Ben Ham

I was forced out of my house. #homeless
Leaving my country it's not safe here anymore. #dangerous
Going to @refugees to give them my information. #wish me luck
Going to see the U.S. Government Support center. #review
National security looking over my information. #not a criminal
I have my in-person interview with @DHSgov. #nervous
@DHSgov passed my application. #blessed
I have to go to my American culture class. #Becoming America
I passed my medical screening. Now a volunteer agency is helping me settle into America. #so excited
I have waited two years now I am eligible for Medicaid. #stay healthy
I have been in the United States long enough to get a green card. #waiting
My five years is up. Now I am U.S. Citizen. #I can't believe it's real.

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